Automated Semantic Analysis of Information in Legal Text

The ASAIL Workshop Series & Interest Group

Building the Legal NLP Community

The ASAIL workshop series and interest group serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners working on natural language processing of legal text. Its goals include:

ASAIL is affiliated with the International Association of Artificial Intelligence and Law (IAAIL). The first workshop was held at the 2015 ICAIL conference followed by successors at later ICAILs (and one Jurix conference).

Organising Committee

Advisory Board


Available at CEUR-WS:
2017 ; 2019 ; 2020; 2021; 2023


14th July, 2023 - The proceedings of ASAIL 2023 are now available as CEUR-WS Volume 3441. 

22nd June, 2023 - Accepted papers, room location and zoom link available: ASAIL 2023 Schedule 

16th June, 2023 - The workshop programme is now available.

8th May, 2023 - Submissions have now closed and the review period has begun. We received a record 24 submissions in total!

17th April, 2023 - The submission deadline for ASAIL 2023 has been extended to Wednesday 3rd May.

15th Feb, 2023 - The ASAIL 2023 Call for Papers is available. Submission due date is Wednesday 26th April.

8th Feb, 2023 - ASAIL 2023 will take place online in conjunction with ICAIL 2023 on Friday 23rd June. More information and call for papers will be available shortly.