Your adventure begins here...

Welcome on board! The journey to being a true maker officially starts when you graduate from Arus Maker Academy. Being an alumni is about learning about yourself and your world. Discover and explore your talents and passions. At the end of the day, grow to be empathetic, proactive, creative, and curious through your education.

How to begin?

1. Learn about your own character!

This is based on 16PersonalitiesTest.

2. Start exploring quests!

There are 8 schools in this adventure; each school with three to four levels which are bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

You can look for the school mastery rubric HERE.

3. Once you level up, you can unlock Mastery Ranks below:

By unlocking Mastery Ranks, you are entitled to enjoy the rewards below:

4. Volunteer yourself to help those in need and share your experiences!

Increase your competency by gaining experience points through volunteering:

When you reach the hours below, we will award you a physical badge in these designs.

Start collecting your volunteering hours HERE