Artists Fight Trump

Many citizens of the United States have spoken out against Trump by organizing, protesting, voting, writing and making art. Most of us have hoped for the impeachment of this inept, cruel, lying and corrupt con man who is a danger to our country and to the world. We the people of the United States will continue to speak out and fight against Trump.

I am pleased to present the online exhibition ARTISTS FIGHT TRUMP. This includes the artists Rita Valley, Sue Coe, Jackie Lima, Carla Rae Johnson and Karen Guancione. For over two years these artists have dedicated their art work and lives to fighting Trump.

This past year I was introduced to the work of Rita Valley and Carla Rae Johnson at ODETTA Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their work is both beautiful, biting and humorous. I am thrilled they are participating. For many years I have been aware of and appreciative of Jackie Lima’s work and was totally taken with her new anti-Trump art work. I am very appreciative that she has allowed me to show it here. I am honored to have Sue Coe participating in ARTIST FIGHT TRUMP and thank both Sue Coe and Galerie St. Etienne for making this possible. The artist Karen Guancione has spent an extraordinary amount of time organizing and protesting against Trump. I wanted to include photographs of Karen’s work as an activist fighting Trump in the streets. Thanks to Karen for all her incredible work and thanks to all the artists for their dedication and powerful art and for being part of ARTISTS FIGHT TRUMP.

Patricia Dahlman

Please note all the art is copyright and permission of the artist is needed to reproduce the work.


I have always been compelled to make art, and current events have long been of particular interest to me. From financial meltdown (economic collapse) to social injustices, I use my work as a form of activism. Unfortunately, our present state of national affairs finds me a-wash in raw material. The current administration and their many unfortunate pratfalls- verbal and otherwise- have both kept me awake at night and inspired me to produce more art. I suppose I could be thankful for the endless bounty of subject matter pouring forth on our twitter feeds, but mostly I’m just scared and angry. (This could be why I tweak my work with humor.)

A few brief notes on the pieces (sometimes people don't "get" the words):

"Libtard" is a derogatory mash up of Liberal and Retard coined by (that fat asshole) Rush Limbaugh. Meaning pretty obvious.

"Kompromat" is Russian for "compromising material" (ie; blackmail stuff). Pee pee tape, anyone?

"Complicit" is my channeling my inner Ivanka who famously did not know what 'complicit" meant. She seemed to think it meant she was in agreement with and supported her father's policies. I guess stupidity is supposed to defend criminality.

"Collusion". Yeah, we all know it's hiding in plain sight.

"(Fucking) Moron". What (now long gone) then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson famously called The Orange Menace. And many others have echoed that with idiot, and clown and crazy town... these are people inside the administration!

"Collusion" 73"x58" fabric, pleather, chain, steel, paint, gimp, banner 2018

"Complicit" 83"x78" fabric, vinyl, fringe, steel, paint, banner 2017

"Kompromat" 70"x58" fabric, tassels 2017

"Libtard" 58"x76" fabric, pleather 2017

"(Fucking) Moron" 33"x50" fabric, studs, beads, bells, string 2018


I make this work, as a response to my own curiosity, and fury, at witnessing the destruction of all life for profit. Anyone Resisting can make use of it. Early images were made for demonstrations, and free hand outs. It Can Happen Here…Did Happen Here. Unlike my Animal Liberation work, this work is faster and printed at speed, very cheaply. I assume much of what exists online is not real live humans any more, but bots manipulating each other for power and control, which makes the real print, held in real hands, so much more powerful…paper which is stronger than it looks, and the smell of fresh ink. Black and White. There is no grey area possible in lino prints, and no grey area morally, to tolerate these venal grifters.

"Birth of Fascism" 10" x 7 1/2" linocut 2017

"Total Eclipse of Rationality" 11 1/8" x 8 1/2" linocut 2017

"Bringing into Conformity" 11" x 8 1/2" linocut 2017

"Tweeter in Chief" 11" x 8 1/2" linocut 2017

"Unpresidented" 10" x 7 1/2" linocut 2017


This work is about the Individual in Relationship with the Group, the Personal and the Public.

We live our private lives but the problems of the Community, the Country and the World seep into our psychological, and sometimes physical, space. This has been a particularly stressful time in the life of the USA and its Citizens, as well as the World and its population, displacements and migrations.

As an artist, it is easy to become reclusive and contemplative. It is me in here reading, painting, and listening to the News. These pressing issues have consumed my life and mind.

Denying them would be toxic to my Soul. They have moved into my work.


"RING TRUE" 50" x 50" x 10" oil and ink on aluminum 2017

"RING TRUE" detail

"RING TRUE" detail

"RING TRUE" detail

RE-SEARCH (video turning).mp4

"RE-SEARCH" 18" X 38" X 38" oil and ink on plastic, battery operated rotating display turntable 2018


In November of 2016, I began a series of drawings: one per week, to provide comic commentary on (and, perhaps comic relief from) our national situation in the wake of the presidential election. P.T.S.D. (Post Trump Series of Drawings) includes 136 drawings to date (with some weeks demanding bonus drawings) using the “Kewpie” character as a stand-in for the 45 th President of the United States. The infantile, credulous, egotistical, delusional, and dangerous babbler is, I think, appropriately represented by Kewpie. Upon his debut, Kewpie, the impish character (originally created by illustrator, Rose O’Neil and introduced by The Ladies’ Home Journal in 1909), immediately became a world-wide sensation with thousands clamoring for the magazine illustrations and the dolls. During my own childhood, gaudy plaster versions of the Kewpie-Doll could be won at county fairs and carnivals. It is this cheap, bogus, derivative Kewpie that sprang to my mind the day after the election. The drawings relate to actions, events, and tweets happening each week, and are intended to be, at the same time, humorous and as deadly serious as our situation. We have given Kewpie free-reign in the White House to act out each week’s bizarre and brutal reality show.

All drawings are 12”x 9” graphite on vellum surface, bristol-board.

Here are five recent drawings from the P.T.S.D. series.

1. Week 104 Bonus 12 “Kewpie Little” 11/2/18

Kewpie engages in “Trumped-up” fear-mongering about weary families who trek

thousands of miles in hopes of protecting themselves and their children.

2. Week 111 “Puberty Leading the Peeps” 12/19/18

With apologies to Eugene Delacroix, Kewpie whips up frenzy amongst his

base, urging them to the barricades.

3. Week 114 “Take That Thing Down…” 1/9/19

Ironically, without regard for her symbolism, Kewpie would replace “Liberty”

with xenophobia. “Give me your tiara, your steel, your puddled copper yearning

to break free, the wretched refuse of your museum store…I lift my base beside

the border wall”

4. Week 117 “Kewpie Just Kan’t” 1/30/19

Kewpie says: “Nicknames are not complicated. Simple! Would a speaker by any

other name smell as sweet?”

5. Week 119 “A Koan For Kewpie” 2/13/19

Kewpie gets the ‘klap,’ but doesn’t really get it!


"Kewpie Little" 12" x 9" graphite on vellum surface, bristol-board 2018

"Puberty Leading the Peeps" 12" x 9" graphite on vellum surface, bristol-board 2018

"Take That Thing Down" 12" x 9" graphite on vellum surface, bristol-board 2019

"Kewpie Just Kan't" 12" x 9" graphite on vellum surface, bristol-board 2019

"A Koan For Kewpie" 12" x 9" graphite on vellum surface, bristol-board 2019

We Stand United: New York Rally on the Night Before Trump's Inauguration January 19, 2016

Large rally outside of Trump International Hotel and Tower (NYC) corner of Central Park West and West 61st Street, and march to Trump Tower.

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration advocacy groups and an estimated twenty-five thousand people gathered for a peaceful rally. Filmmaker Michael Moore, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro and other celebrities addressed the crowd outside of the Trump International Hotel at Central Park West. Afterwards thousands joined in an impromptu march. As the crowd approached Trump Tower the NYPD began to close down the street, blocking access to the front of the building. A friend and I managed to quickly turn the corner to another street and walked literally a step ahead of a group of police who were erecting barricades. We arrived smack in front of Trump Tower where a small number of people were already gathered. We started chanting, and the large crowd of marchers stuck behind the barricades more than half a block away responded. It was an amazing moment. I felt like I had found my voice.


In January 2017, immediately after Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March, online organizations like MoveOn and Indivisible encouraged people to visit their Senators' District Offices. One hundred and eighty people showed up at the Newark Gateway Center to visit New Jersey Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker. The original plan was to visit every Tuesday for the first forty days of the new administration. A small group of dedicated women (and often one man) have continued to meet. We protest for an hour on the busy street near Penn Station and then we go to our Senators' offices to discuss and demand progressive change. Please join us at noon at One Gateway Center!

March for Our Lives, NYC, Silent protest against gun violence with Gays Against Guns (GAG), March 24, 2018

“Human Beings” are veiled figures marching silently and represent the lives lost to gun violence. The "Human Beings" held photos of those murdered in Parkland and at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Photos included information about the victims' lives, with the youngest victims standing in the front. The group was positioned at the head of the New York march, which was attended by an estimated 175,000. This was one of the most emotional marches I’ve participated in. The photo shows us waiting for the march to begin.

Father’s Day Of Action: Keep Families Together protest at the ICE Detention Center in Elizabeth, NJ

Immigrant rights groups and advocates protest the Trump Administration’s "family separation policy”, separating children and babies from their families. Seven Democratic Members of Congress from New York and New Jersey make a surprise visit to the ICE Detention Center and argue for a long time to be let inside. They include Rep. Adriano Espaillat (NY), Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (NY), Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY), Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY), Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ), Rep. Bill Pascrell (NJ), and Rep. Albio Sires (NJ). Children and families of deported and detained immigrants spoke to the crowd of hundreds. The sign I am holding (upper right corner) says "Fight Ignorance Not Immigrants."

"Trump is the Emergency" protest at Trump Hotel, NYC with #RiseandResist in response to Trump’s Fake National Emergency on February 15, 2019

We closed Central Park West and were sitting in the middle of the street because NYPD would not let us walk on the sidewalk. Twenty activists were arrested. I'm protesting with fellow activist Kimberly Miller and holding one of her hand painted signs. #ArrestTrumpNotUs!, #TrumpIsTheEmergency, #NoWallNoWay