Hi, I'm Christel, an Artist from Northern Michigan. The kitty on my shoulder is Whispurr & that is literally how I sit while creating all the paintings you'll see on this page! There's a reason why my logo is the image that it is, she's a needy kitty who oversees all my work.

Where to begin...

It all starts with a great photo. All of my portraits are painted from photos...so the better the photo, the better the painting! Please send me multiple photos of your pet to ensure that I have the best & truest image of your furry friend. If you're in my local area, I might even be able to help with the photo taking process. Below are some examples of what helps me to produce the best artwork possible:

Natural light outside or in a room filled with natural light from big windows.

Try to stand close to your pet (within 2-3 feet).

Get to eye level with your pet. This means getting on the ground or wherever they are most comfortable.

Photo taken at pets eye level for best results. Perfect reference photo!

Pets face is too dark, eyes aren't visible.

Lighting is a bit too dark to see the eyes clearly.

Great lighting & pose!

Examples of Watercolor Portraits

4x4 inch

4x4 inch

5x7 inch

5x5 inch

8x8 inch

4x4 inch

5x7 inch

4x4 inch

4x4 inch Yes, I'll even paint fish!

4x4 inch

5x7 inch gouache & watercolor

8x10 inch

8x10 inch

5x7 inch

11x14 inch

Ask about prices for multiple pets on 1 painting.

Examples of Oil on Canvas Portraits


11x14 inch

12x12 inch

Ask about prices for multiple pets on 1 canvas

16x20 inch




Now, pick your size & medium!

Below you'll find a list of available sizes in each medium.

Not sure which medium to pick? Send me an email with your questions & let me help you!

All oil paintings are completed on high quality, gallery wrapped canvas. Watercolor portraits are completed on high quality, acid free, cotton paper. Each piece of art is sealed for protection from fading & unexpected damage/dust.

If you don't see the size you're looking for, just ask!


Once we've agreed on the perfect photo, size & medium for your furry family member's portrait Payment in FULL is due at time of order. Payment can be made via Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, CashApp or Money Order. Work will NOT start on any painting until FULL payment has been made.

*Please read above prices carefully! They are for Bust Image Only. Please ask for Full Body Image pricing.

*Cancellations/Refund ONLY within 48hrs of receiving the order.

*Shipping is ONLY included on watercolor paintings 4x6 & smaller to the continental U.S.

*Frames are ONLY included on watercolor paintings 8x10 & smaller.

Commission spots are LIMITED! To secure yours, get in touch at theartistici@yahoo.com

Interested in a different custom painting? Email me your photos & ideas!

Have a photo of your favorite vacation spot? Let me paint it for you!

Drift away in the colors of Torch Lake.

Watch your ship come in from Elk Rapids!

Abstract pieces to let your mind wander.