Artistic Google

"Artistic Google" began in 2012 as a a fun experiment on Google + with creatively processed images of California, and blossomed into a virtual tour of the world on the Artistic Google Magic Bus travelling on Google Street View. We would announce a theme, and participants would search out Google street view images on that theme and tart them up using photo editing tools.

Over the years there have been some amazing images produced by some very talented people. All our photo albums can be viewed in our album archive. With the closing of Google + in April 2019, this site is an attempt to keep a record of these images.

Original images shared in connection with the Artistic Google project are copyrighted by Google Maps from Street View and are used for the sole purpose of artistic merit and not be sold or profited from by the posting individuals.

The individual albums are linked from these pages:






The curators past and present would like to thank all participants for contributing to this project. The names of the approximately 350 participants are, for the most part, indicated in the information for each individual image.