Our Mission

We are a virtual and literal table to bring together groups working on public education-related issues and for campaigns focused on three areas:

Keeping our public schools public -- Our students, their families, and our community deserve the very best. We believe that is best achieved through local control of all public schools, financial and academic accountability for any charter schools, and highly qualified, culturally competent educators in every school and every classroom. We support the public employee unions that represent our JCPS staff and educators. We believe that collective bargaining of employee unions promotes teaching and learning conditions in JCPS that benefit our students, and helps establish salaries and benefits that assist JCPS in recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff and educators.

Ensuring Equity for every student, regardless of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, national origin, homeless status, sexual orientation, or gender identity —We believe that rich-curriculum, whole-child, individualized, and authentic learning experiences for all students are the key to helping students grow into confident, compassionate, capable adults. We believe every student should have equal access to culturally competent curriculum and ethnic studies, related arts, and opportunities for technical and vocational learning. We demand policies and programs in JCPS that will lead to a reduction of learning gaps and behavior consequence disparities. We want every student to have equitable access to engaging, challenging courses, experienced teachers of similar backgrounds and demographics as the students, and the wrap-around services they need to thrive.

Fully funding public schools to meet the needs of each student— We engage in analysis and advocacy on annual budget and revenues, county voter education on JCPS progress and needs, and advocacy on taxation policy and other resources. We demand high quality, relevant professional development for all JCPS staff, and sufficient resources, planning time, collaboration time, and educator supports to help JCPS educators meet their students needs.


Coalition Member Organizations