The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Louisville

On March 12, the Jefferson County Board of Education will vote on a facilities plan that will authorize the building of a new school in the East End of Jefferson County, while consolidating schools in the West and the South. This plan will do nothing to increase diversity and equity in JCPS schools, and will increase the burden of desegregation on our West End students who face long bus rides to schools across town. Read more below.

Building where the growth is” expands inequity. Capacity is being increased in the East End with a new school, while being reduced in the West and South by merging six schools to three, which will result in more students of color bused eastward.

The new Racial Equity Analysis Protocol (REAP) must lead any draft plan toward greater racial equity in JCPS. Using this protocol to evaluate the plan would address inequity and would result in fewer schools with high concentrations of students of color living in poverty. Research indicates improved academic outcomes for students living in poverty when they attend a more diverse school including increased flexibility and creativity.

Use facilities planning to drive equitable outcomes. Use the REAP tool to evaluate the draft facilities and draft student assignment plan as committed to by the JCPS school board. Only if new student assignment approaches (such as changing choice and boundaries) do not result in improved equity system-wide should a facilities plan be considered to drive diversity.

Please add your name to the petition to tell JCPS that facilities and student assignment must support diversity and equity.