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Department of Mathematics100 Math Tower, 231 W 18th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

About Me: Currently, I am a visiting assistant professor at Ohio State University. Before that I was at Texas A&M, working with Rostislav Grigorchuk; and at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, working with Anna Erschler. Prior to ENS I was a PhD student at Vanderbilt University working under the supervision of Alexander Olshanskii. I defended my thesis in 2018. I am interested in geometric, combinatorial and computational group theory; low-dimensional topology; computability and computational complexity theory, including the interplay between them.

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  1. Finitely generated subgroups of free groups as formal languages and their cogrowth (with R. Grigorchuk and A. Shaikh), Groups, Complexity, Cryptology, 2021

  2. Embeddings into left-orderable simple groups (with M. Steenbock), Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2022

  3. Groups with decidable word problem that do not embed in groups with decidable conjugacy problem, Inventiones Mathematicae, 2021

  4. Computability, orders, and solvable groups, The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 2020

  5. The word and conjugacy problems in lacunary hyperbolic groups, 97 pages, arXiv:1708.04591

  6. Group embeddings with algorithmic properties, Communications in Algebra, 2015

From Spring of 2020 to Spring of 2022 I was the chair of TAMU's "Groups and Dynamics" seminar.