Issues concerning our neighborhood

Be Alert! - From Arlington County Police - car tampering & thefts

Walk Distance to Metro Bus stops and distance to cross intersections on Columbia Pike

AVCA has asked for the Metro bus stop to be returned and all day long ART bus service

Blue: West bound. Red: East bound

Let's respect our neighbors - Clean up after your dog - Plus: NO DOGS ON CHURCH LAWN

Many neighbors have raised concerns that dog owners are not cleaning up after their pets. Please do so, it is your responsibility.

ARLINGTON COUNTY CODE § 2-5. Running at Large Prohibited; Removal of Droppings.

A. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit such dog, whether licensed or unlicensed to run at large in the County, and any person who, after being notified by any landowner or officer that his dog is running at large, permits his dog to run at large thereafter, shall be deemed to have violated the provisions of this Code.

B. The owner of a dog shall be responsible for the removal of the dog's excretion from any property other than the dog owner's property and between the edges or curbs of public streets.


Redevelopment of Arlington View Terrace Apartments on Rolfe St

& 2 major shopping plazas on the Pike

Form Based Code - Map & Key

Columbia Pike shopping center redevelopment

Filmore: CVS, Burrito Bros, Atilla's and the Salsa room

Westmont: Boston Market, Mom's, Auto Parts, Urgent Care

NEWS: Per the AVCA request the gym at the Carver Center is updated!!!

Still working with Parks & Rec on bringing more programing

Fate of the Carver Community Center

Nakish Jordon from Community Center Facilities Management came to our March meeting. A committee is currently working with Parks & Rec to bring programing to Carver Center. Thank you for all the community support!

Reference documents:

Carver Community Center Square footage: 6,208

See Public Space Master Plan 1.6

Invest in a detailed inventory of its indoor recreation and nature centers and usage/feasibility analysis to determine what the right mix and size of spaces should be and determine solutions, including increasing the size, combining offerings and programs, and/or closing or re-purposing of some centers, using the clustering philosophy as described above. As part of this effort, the County should assess the need for historic interpretation and environmental education.

Recommendation 1.6 – Complete a Detailed Analysis of Indoor Recreation and Nature Centers

While the County has a good overall coverage of the community for indoor recreation centers, many of these are smaller “neighborhood” type centers. In the recreation industry, research shows that creating larger (60,000 sf or more) multi-purpose centers actually increases usage and cost recovery, ability to program for multiple generations, and user retention. The current average size of 25,000 sf or lower in Arlington County is considered very small for optimal use. The County’s two nature centers are located in former single family residences that have been converted for public use.

Per Libby Garvey at AVCA Feb. 27th, 2019 the county is looking to consolidate programs and the school is looking at Carver Center for expansion.

There is also a 2015 letter from the school board about taking over the facility as part of the More Seats initiative. This should be something we follow up with to find out if Carver is still on the table.

How facilities are evaluated:

Proposed Arlington County Budget Cuts Funding to Arts Programs

Streets to be repaved in 2019 - map & link to county website (click picture)

Bike Trail - Master Transportation Plan - our community identified to receive bicycle facilities - (red dashed are planned on street routes, green off street)

More information on Bike Blvd

New comprehensive high school on the Career Center site - From final report

"In the near-term, defined as the current 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY 2019-2028, most of the CCWG agrees the site can accommodate 800 new high school seats while retaining all existing Career Center programs; the planned expansion of Arlington Tech; the Arlington Community High School; the Montessori program (which will be relocated to the Patrick Henry facility in 2019); and the Columbia Pike Public Library"

Sound Wall along 395 - CANCELLED

Changes coming to the Pike: Columbia Pike Multi Modal Transportation "Improvements"

Please note the plan is in final stages of completion. These maps are from proposed changes, but not final. Some improvements have been made - for example S. Queen and Wash Blvd.

New turn configuration

Proposed (not final) configuration of intersections and new super bus stops (blue star) - note some driveway access taken away (ex - Bob & Edith's lot - red stars on plan). Maps (top to bottom of page) start near Shareton and go to Walter Reed.

Parking permit map - current

Arlington National Cemetery Expansion & Columbia Pike Re-Alignment - Sign onto Foxcroft letter concerning traffic and parking concerns

Cemetery Expansion - Environmental Assessment Letter from County Manager to Corp of Engineers