Resume Summary for David Hewins:

CSSLP since 2009 (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) from 

MS in Computer Science / Software Engineering

MA's in Philosophy, Religion

BA in Literature, Math

Experience includes over twenty years of work in database and software engineering, data science; also about five years of teaching math, philosophy and logic.

Online Certificate courses taken, 2020+: 

Economics 1 taught by Prof. John B. Taylor of Stanford University. Earned a Certificate from @edXOnline, 6/2021:

IMF Compilation Basics for Macroeconomic Statistics, certificate earned on edX 11/2021:

Cybersecurity Economics course, instructors from U. Delft and U. Cambridge, audited during 2022 on Certificate was not available at that time. 


Twitter: @a4floridacajun

Instagram: davidhewins1

Why Ari4?

When scholastic thinkers did not call Aristotle 'the Philosopher,' their shorthand for him was A4.  I lengthened this slightly to ari4. 

Aristotle's work was foundational in logic, metaphysics, and for early classification efforts in the sciences.  In politics his definition of the middle class as 'those possessing the goods of this world in moderation' is still useful.  In teaching and education he insisted that a good teacher would put himself out of business by helping his students become so competent that the teacher would no longer be needed!  In that spirit I hope you find many interesting and useful ideas here. 

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