Argo Floats

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Argo Floats are a very cool technology that measures temperature and salinity in our oceans. We need this information to help us with climate, weather, and ocean research.

There are almost 4000 floats all over our oceans giving us a really good idea of what's going on down there.

Argo data is easy to access and is truly global.

# brings more of an awareness of how our oceans work.

# keeps a watch on major temperature and salinity anomalies and changes in ocean circulation.

# aides the monitoring of environmental conditions that affect fish stocks and biological productivity.

# gives oceanographers and climate scientists a comprehensive ocean data set.

A key objective of Argo is to observe ocean signals related to climate change. Argo data haven't been around long enough to measure global changes by themselves, but they have been compared with earlier, different data to study long term changes. With over a decade of Argo data now, they can be used to address seasonal changes as well as decadal signals such as 'El Nino'

An International Collaboration!

What’s with the Name?

The way I first remembered the term “Argo” was by picturing it peering over the side of a boat, saying “arr ..go” and jumping off. That’s got nothing to do with it at all- just a fun picture in my mind!

Argo comes from Greek Mythology. The Argo was the ship that a ship builder called Argus built. Jason, an ancient Greek mythological hero and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to retrieve the Golden Fleece.