Arcadia Power

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When you create your free Arcadia Power account, we connect you to clean energy and help you spend less on your power bill. Do right by the planet and your wallet.

Arcadia Power makes clean energy an easy choice.

Arcadia Power's mission statement and purpose is a 100% renewable energy future.

It’s never been more important. We believe in a future that’s powered by clean, renewable energy, and we’ll keep innovating until we get there.

Paying your power bill doesn’t have to mean you’re supporting fossil fuels. When you pay your bill through Arcadia Power, you’re still getting your energy — it’s just cleaner.

Arcadia Power users spend less for cleaner energy. Lower rates, credits on your bill, tools for cutting costs. We’re committed to making clean energy good for your wallet too.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is create a free account. Arcadia Power purchases renewable energy certificates from wind farms and partner with local community solar projects to connect you to cleaner energy. We track the market to find you better energy prices and make it easy to upgrade to smart home tech. We manage your utility account with complete transparency.

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