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  • PhD Student in Economics 2013-2020(planned), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
    • PhD Adviser: Dr. Mattias Polborn
    • Thesis Topic: “Topics on Firm Heterogeneity and Economic Policy”

We study the effects of heterogeneous firm total factor productivity on the economy through general equilibrium models. We use contest theory to model competition among heterogeneous firms. Calibrating the model to match some of the industry trends, we show that the model is able to explain variable markups, rising market power and variable market shares. We also study the shape of firm distributions in developing world, and illustrate that contest literature can be helpful to understand the irregularities in firm distributions observed in the empirical literature. Lastly, we model the effects of heterogeneity in DSGE models and illustrate that shocks on the productivity might affect growth rates of the economy and have permanent effects.

  • Master of Economics 2009-2011, Yerevan State University
    • Major Field: Mathematical Modeling in Economics (99.2% GPA)

Masters Thesis: "Financial Stability in Armenia" with Dr. Sardaryan

  • Bachelor of Economics 2005-2009, Yerevan State University
    • Major Field: Economics, Diploma With Honors (100% GPA )

Work Experience:

  • Lecturing
    • Monetary Economics and Policy, Spring 2017 - Fall 2019 , UIUC
      • I have been teaching a standalone course on "Monetary Economics and Policy" since 2017. We cover topics ranging from money, financial markets to economic policy.
      • Econometrics, Spring 2012 - Spring 2013, Yerevan State University
        • Lecturer of "Econometrics" for undergraduate and first year masters students in Actuarial Sciences, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. Focus on applied econometrics using Stata
  • Teaching /Research Assistant
    • Macroeconomics, PhD level, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015, UIUC
      • TA for Prof. Woong Yong Park, first year graduate program
      • Best Graduate TA award voted by first year graduate students
      • RA for for Prof. Woong Yong Park, DSGE modeling
    • Statistics, Introduction, Spring 2016 - Fall 2016 , UIUC
  • Economist
    • Researcher, July 2012-August 2013, Economic Research Department, CBA
      • Specialization on structural transformation, wage differences in manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors.
    • Junior Economist, January 2011-July 2012


  • "Advertising Contests and Variable Markups in a CES Framework"
    • job market paper
  • "Insecure Property Rights and the Missing Middle"
    • with Dr. Mattias Polborn, working paper
  • "Monetary Policy and Endogenous Economic Growth"
    • working paper


  • Chess
  • Photography - My Flickr Page
  • Table Tennis
  • Hiking, Mountain Climbing