About Arachis Press

Our History

Arachis Press originated when our founder Stephen Brooke needed copies of his first poetry book to sell at readings. It grew from there. Stephen was already a published author in the nonfiction field, writing for magazines through the Eighties and Nineties, but decided to take control into his own hands after shopping his first novel, the YA ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ around with many nibblers but none taking the bait. Basically, he became impatient with the delays and wanted to move on. And so, the Arachis Press was born. It was, the first couple years, known as Nihil Crocodile Press, but that changed when we got serious and put out the first novel. Many books and years later, we are still at it.

Our Authors

Stephen Brooke

Author, artist, editor, and the founder of Arachis Press, Stephen Brooke, has over forty titles available. His website is here.

Oliver Davis Pike

Mr Pike is the author of three science fiction novels. Blog and site are here.

Sienna Santerre

Ms Santerre is author of two ‘Women in the Sun’ novels. Her blog and site is here.

Contact Arachis Press

The Arachis Press
4803 Peanut Road
Graceville FL 32440-4450 USA
email: arachispress (at) yahoo.comWe are not at the moment taking submissions for publication but that may change. We are certainly glad to hear from you if you wish to write to us on anything, whether to our street address, our email address, or at one of our blogs. However, if there is a problem ordering one of our titles, it is more effective to contact the vendor (including our distributor Lulu, if you order at our store there).