Software Tools

I like to write about Machine Learning, traveling, PhD and life in general. Here are some of my recent articles.


MaskTheFace is computer vision-based script to mask faces in images. It uses a dlib based face landmarks detector to identify the face tilt and six key features of the face necessary for applying mask. Based on the face tilt, corresponding mask template is selected from the library of mask. The template mask is then transformed based on the six key features to fit perfectly on the face.

PEDRA is a programmable engine for Drone Reinforcement Learning (RL) applications. The engine is developed in Python and is module-wise programmable. PEDRA is targeted mainly at goal-oriented RL problems for drones, but can also be extended to other problems such as SLAM etc. The engine interfaces with Unreal gaming engine using AirSim to create the complete platform.


AnalyzeTheChat is a python-based online tool to analyze your whatsapp chat. It generates useful statistics for your whatsapp chat such as most active hour, date, day, month of the year, user with most messages, emojis, keyword etc.

StatTheGit is a python based tool to fetch, maintain and display GitHub clone and views statistics. By default GitHub only maintains GitHub repository statistics for 14 days only. This repository can be used to maintain a local copy of the repository statistics