Applied Rhetoric Collaborative

2020 and 2021 have been challenging for everyone. We have had to reconfigure our lives and the ways we get our work done in order to remain effective teachers and scholars (not to mention in order to stay sane). Amid all of these difficulties, it seemed wise, and in some ways necessary, to pause operations of the Applied Rhetoric Collaborative. Put simply, a global pandemic did not seem the appropriate context within which a new and developing organization could thrive.

As we emerge from all this chaos, however, perhaps now is the opportune moment for this small group of thoughtful, committed scholars to begin again with our mission to solve problems and achieve positive ends in our communities.

Therefore, we propose a 90-minute, Zoom happy hour to reconnect with each other and to discuss “What’s Next?” for ARC.

On Thursday, July, 22 at 4 PM EDT, join us with your favorite beverage and snacks, as well as your great ideas for how ARC can most effectively and impactfully move forward in this moment.

Click here for info on how to sign up.

We hope to see you there!

What is the Applied Rhetoric Collaborative?

The Applied Rhetoric Collaborative is an ongoing gathering of people who enact a particular type of rhetorical work (applied rhetoric) in their professional and/or non-professional spaces. The ARC offers a para-professional space for support, feedback, collaboration, and encouragement to those who seek to solve problems and achieve positive ends in communities. These meetings are held via a yearly symposium and ongoing digital connections.

Applied rhetoric: Our evolving definition of applied rhetoric is that it is a rhetorically-grounded method for and study of action-oriented research, teaching, and service in live situations that seeks to solve problems and achieve positive ends in communities.

ARC History: In June 2018, an interdisciplinary group of scholars from across the U.S. gathered to discuss the characteristics that link their work. We determined that this link was the application of rhetoric to problems at work, in our classrooms, in our communities, and in our public and private lives. We envisioned a new professional organization that might give us a place to have conversations that cross existing disciplinary lines. We met again in May 2019 and continued to refine our understanding of applied rhetoric and the many ways it can be a force for good in the world. The 2020 symposia began online but was eventually put on hold.