Family Newsletter

February Issue

Volume 2, Number 5, February 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

All of us here at APPA are excited to enter the 2nd half of the year with your students.  Here at the middle of the year, we are able to check your student's individual academic progress and make sure we are supporting your student succeed.  Middle School families should have received in the mail recently a copy of your student's literacy and math progress as measured by the I-Ready Assessment.  High School families should receive similar information in the mail this week.  

In this month's Newsletter, we talk about the new programs we have starting this winter to support students' continued academic progress.  You will also find the names of all of our mid-year honor roll winners -- a record number!

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of us here at the school with any questions or concerns.  


M-J Mercanti-Anthony, Ed.D



Estimados padres y tutores,

Todos nosotros aquí en APPA estamos emocionados de comenzar la segunda mitad del año con sus estudiantes. Aquí, a mediados de año, podemos verificar el progreso académico individual de su estudiante y asegurarnos de que estamos apoyando el éxito de su estudiante. Las familias de la escuela intermedia deberían haber recibido recientemente por correo una copia del progreso en lectoescritura y matemáticas de su estudiante según lo medido por la evaluación I-Ready. Las familias de la escuela secundaria deben recibir información similar por correo esta semana.

En el Boletín de este mes, hablamos sobre los nuevos programas que tenemos a partir de este invierno para apoyar el progreso académico continuo de los estudiantes. También encontrará los nombres de todos nuestros ganadores del cuadro de honor de mitad de año: ¡un número récord!

No dude en comunicarse conmigo o con cualquiera de nosotros aquí en la escuela si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud.


MJ Mercanti-Anthony, Ed.D


This Month's Important Parent Announcements

Take the School Survey!

Families can take the NYC School Survey by going to   Parents/Guardians need only their child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number to complete the survey. Parents will enter a lowercase “f” and their child’s nine-digit number as the survey code (e.g., f123456789) to complete their unique survey.  Families can find their student’s ID number on a report card, a student ID card, or in their NYCSA account. Reach out to us here at the school with any questions!

APPA Spelling Bee Champion

This week, our school champion Allison Reyes participated in the Bronx-Wide spelling bee and earned her way to into the city-wide bee later this spring!  Please be sure to congratulate her!

Summer Employment

DYCD Summer Youth Employment Program applications are now live! Young people aged 14-24 can now apply to DYCD’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). 


 Deadline for SYEP applications is March 31,2023.

Parent Portal

Please be sure to click here to register for the city's new Parent Portal.  You will need your student's OSIS number to register.  If you have any issues, please reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Williams, here at the school  

Parent Association

Please join us for the next parent association meeting, February 28th at 

6 pm.  A meeting link will be sent out before the meeting.  

Grades 6-8 Saturday Enrichment

We're excited to launch a new Saturday enrichment program here at APPA that will run every Saturday from March 4th  to May 13th.  

Students will have the opportunitiy to participate in art, technology, and our enrichment activities, boost their literacy skills, and enjoy breakfast and lunch on us!  

Any middle school student may attend! 

 To register, click here!

9th Grade Literacy

This semester, all 9th graders began using the LEXIA program as part of their existing freshmen seminar course.  LEXIA is a computer-based reading program which meets students where they are as readers and supports the growth of their comprehension skills.  It is an incredibly successful program we're excited to bring to our freshmen.  

10th Grade Tutoring

The Sophomore class has the unique challenge of being the first class since the pandemic to have to pass all their Regent exams to graduate.  To that end, APPA has hired two science and math tutors that will work with small groups of students each day.  These tutors will effectively make science classes smaller while creating small, intensive tutoring sessions for any sophomore that needs assistance.  Tutoring has already started, with the goal of making sure every sophomore is successful on the Algebra and Earth Science Regents exam.  

11th Grade Career Readiness

Most Juniors began taking a College Readiness class beginning with the second semester taught by our partners at the YMCA.  This incredibly important course is teaching students financial literacy, college planning, and other life skills.  Students are reporting great things so far.  Any Junior not programmed in the course will take it first term next year.

January Middle School Honor Roll

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Brown, Madison 601 Brujan, Nichole 702 Arguello, Laila 619

Reid, Terrance 601 Guaman Bermeo, Daniela 701 Corsino, Ana 802

Agaba, Abigail Gracious 601 Has, Arica 701 Hernandez, Derek 801

Banks, Hunter 602 Lucero, Jeison 702 Keita, Kadijah 802

Beltre Perez, Rosmelly 601 Munshi, Samia 701 Marrero, Anaya 801

Cambi Ventura, Yuliana 619 Normandia, Lucas 702 Martinez,Angelina 801

Chowdury, Abdur 601 Peniche, Zoe 702 Owens, Kylie 802

Diaz, Sianna 602 Sanchez,Genesis 701 Paulino, John 801

Hernandez, Kevin 602 Steele, Justin 701 Rivera, Kyl-el 802

Moreno, Israel 602 Thompson, Natsumi 701 Rosario, Marlis 801

Ramales, Christopher 602 Kaur, Kirandeep 702 Ruiz Torres, Khloe 801

Rosario Tristan 601 Leal, Katie 702 Simmons, Dumari 802 Valdovinos, Jazlene 801

Bakar,Suhaa 601 Rodriguez, Bryan 702 Aguilar Diaz, Ashly 801

Delvalle, Starlytt 601 Suliveras, Alejandro 619 Antoine, Alani 802

Kirton, Melanie 602 Barreto, Rebecca 702 Gillespie, Niemma 801

Islam, Easin 701     Morales, Jazlyn 801

       Perez-Merino, Sharon 802

Jagmohan, Aaryan 701       Reyes Rivas, Allison 801

Vazquez, Nickaela 702       Wilkerson, Camila 802

      Blake, Jordan 619

      Delance. Naylie 802

      Robinson, Arianna 802

      Santos, Sophia 802

January High School Honor Roll

9th Grade     10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

Brito, Mia 202 Colon, Joshean 101 Adamson, Damian Z02 Bartee, Tyrese Y01   Chowdhury, Tazrian 202 Encinas, Katherine 101 Antwine, Miriam Z01 Colon, Damarion Y01     Dilone, Yandel 202 Gomez, Joshua 101 Hernandez, Yanelis Z02 Irizarry, Joseph Y01     Jones, Nasiah 202 Knight, Sade 102 Hidalgo, Nalynn Z01 Lizandro, Gabriela Y01     Ramos, Ariana 201 Lucero, Jocelyn 103 Jones, Niasia Z02 Mejias, Elyanna Y01   Sultana, Rahima 203 Moonsammy, Kavita 102 Joseph, Jamaya Z01 Payano, Oscar Y01         Hernandez, Jahlitza 202 Peniche, Amanda 101 Luna-Aquino, Nelson Z02 Quezada, Glenni Y02         Pazmino, Jelena 202 Rahman, Mithila 103 Rodriguez, Jada Z01 Smith, Maurice  Y02   Santos, Isabelle 202 Siam, Mohammed 103 Then, Jessyrel Z01 Torres, Branden Y02   Cortez, Savanni 201 Arce, Anthony  101 Adames, Wilivel Z01 Osman, Elijah L70   Lebron, Anneliss 201 Campos, Angelina 101 Jones, Miracle Z01 Rodriguez, Jayson L70 Dixon, Jalil 101 Latchman, Roshana Z02 Buzeska, Angelyna Y01 Has, Botony 102 Mojica, Aleya Z01 Carpio Cela, Erika Y01 James, Ezekiel 101 Montgomery, Charity Z01 Frias, Giselle Y01 Jimenez, Litzy 103 Henry, Joanne Z01 Harrison, Neil Y02                                                                                                                        Jordan, Isiah 102 Jimenez, Saul Y01 Peralta, Lizanny 102 Jimenez, Tanara Y01 Rodriguez, Joshua Anthony 102 Lopez, Mayra Y01 Bravo Pedraza, Christopher 101 Peniche, Michelle Ann Y01 Reynolds, Serenity 102 Quezada Cabral, Erick Y01 Rahman, Romio Y01 Rodriguez, Ciera Y02 Garland, Tika Serra, Janessa Goris, Lyanne Gyamfi, Conrad Y01 Ramirez, Destiny Y01 Reinoso, Josseline Y01 Saleh, Alia Y02

Parent Resources from our Community Partners Astor and the YMCA

Middle School Uniforms

Our middle school students look great in their black polo shirts and khaki bottoms.  After hearing from many students, we've relaxed the dress code slightly.  Student must still wear slacks, but they can be any color, not just khaki.  Students may not wear jeans or sweatpants.  

Students may wear hoodies with a front zipper, as well as the APPA Sweatshirt they received in December! They may not wear pull-over sweatshirts that completely cover the uniform.   

Parents may purchase uniforms wherever they wish, including the Cookie's APPA Webstore.  

Sneaker Raffle

Starting in the month of December, in collaboration with the YMCA and BX Hut Sneaker store, any students that have 90% or more attendance or have increased their attendance month to month by 25% or more will be entered into a raffle to win a pair of sneakers. Two students will be chosen for the middle school and two students will be chosen for the high school every month!

Personal Devices

Please note the chancellor's regulations linked here pertaining to personal devices in school.  Students may not enter the building with Apple Watches, laptops, tablets, ear pads, or other devices.  

February Calendar

Contact Information

Ms. Vivian Williams, Parent Coordinator 718-824-3152 ext. 12901

Dr. M-J Mercanti-Anthony, Principal 718-824-3152  ext. 22857

Adam Waterbury, Assistant Principal 718-824-3152 ext. 22903

Lissette Castillo, Assistant Principal I.A. 718-824-3152 ext. 12471

Maria Muniz,  Middle School Counselor 718-824-3152 ext. 12483

Martha Falconi, High School Counselor 718-824-3152 ext. 12981

Raquel Smith, PA President 718-824-3152 ext. 12901

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