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CAGE CODE: 4WMP6 | FAA 0056B #: ADA3000-68

Quality Accreditation

Aero Parts Management’s quality program is accredited in FAA AC00-56B quality assurance standards.

Beyond the FAA guidelines, Aero Parts Management has exclusive quality assurance systems in place, including our no mistakes and exclusive support programs: Supply base selection: our qualification system ensures that only the nest sources are selected as our partners—providing material direct from non-incident related, tear-down aircraft. Repair station monitoring: not all repair stations are created equal. We carefully select and approve repair technicians based on many metrics.

Our repair partners are continuously monitored on warranty and service standards, including factors of sourcing, lead time and logistical capabilities. Supplier monitoring: a systematic auditing program continuously evaluates our supply base. Scale- based monitoring of quality and service criteria. Double-check inspection: as part of our no mistakes policy, every shipment is cross-checked by our shipper and chief inspector. All parts are checked for proper condition, trace, FAA/EASA, and ATA 106 documents prior to delivery.

Our motto is: "Our Business is to Keep Yours Flying!" as we strive to give the best possible service and keep downtime as short as possible.

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Our support personnel and services are available 24 hours a day.

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