Advanced Power Interface & Power Electronics Lab

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Date: 2023.08.25  Place: LG Digital Park, Pyeongtaek, Korea

Jee-Hoon Jung


"Principle and Prospects of Power Electronics Systems: Diverse Applications and Trade-offs"



Date: 2023.08.03 – 2023.08.05  Place: Nakoka Technical University, Nickatahyun, Japan

Jee-Hoon Jung


"Advanced Power Electronics Technologies and Recent Research Activies of APIPEL in UNIST"



Date: 2023.07.04 – 2023.07.06  Place: Welli Hilli Park Resorts, Heosoung, Korea

Won Sik Jung, Jun Suk Lee, Gwon Gyo Jung, Jee-Hoon Jung

Oral Presentation & Poster Presentation

"Optimal Harmonic Selection Technique for Improving Heating Performance of Low Resistance Pot"


International Conference in Power Electronics [2023 ICPE Asia]

Date: 2023.05.21 – 2023.05.26  Place: ICC Jeju, Jeju Koera

Kyung- Wook Heo, Jae-Wook Lim, Won-Sik Jeong, Jun-Suk Lee, Gwon Gyo Jung, Jee-Hoon Jung

Oral Presentation & Poster Presentation

"Effective Test Method of QAB Converter-Based LVDC Distribution System Using Power HIL Simulation Test-bed"


Date: 2023.03.19 – 2023.03.23  Place: Orland, FL, USA

Kyung- Wook Heo, Jee-Hoon Jung

Oral Presentation 

"EM Noise Mitigation using Partial Power Processing LLC Resonant Converter"


Date: 2022.07.24 – 2022.07.26  Place: Hanoi, Vitetnam

 Jee-Hoon Jung, Eun-Mi Choi, Gangil Byun, Kyuho Lee

MOU-Ceremony and Workshop on state of the art of intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS) for 5G/6G Systems

Date: 2022.07.05 – 2022.07.07  Place: Hanhwa Resorts, Gyeongju, Korea

 Kyung- Wook Heo, Chang-Woo Yun, Chano Jeon, Hyun-ji Kim, Jae-Wook Lim, Jee-Hoon Jung

Oral Presentation & Poster Presentation

  Chang-Woo Yun 

"Improved Power Decoupling Method of Quadruple-Active-Bridge Converter for Islanding Mode in DC Microgrid"


Outstanding Faculty & Staff Awards 2021 [UNIST]

Date: 2022.05.17  Place: UNIST, Ulsan, Koera

Jee-Hoon Jung

Jee-Hoon Jung, Professor and Department Head of Electrical Engineering at UNIST, was awarded the "Outstanding Staff Award 2021" at UNIST of main auditorium, and Professor Jung was honored for his contribution to UNIST's academic promotion. 

Date: 2022.03.20 – 2022.03.24  Place: Huston, TX, USA

Kyung- Wook Heo

Oral Presentation 

"Temperature Estimation Technique for Induction Heating Vessels by Tracking Resistance Difference Under Operating Frequency Variation"

 Sang-Jung Lee, Jaesik Kang, KiRyong Kim, Dae-Wook Kang, and Jee-Hoon Jung 

"Phase-leg Power-leg Power Equalization Method of Modular Multilevel Converter with APOD Strategy Under Unbalanced Fault Condition "

International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, vol. 153. 109176 Nov. 2023 


 Kyoung-Wook Heo, Juil Jin, and Jee-Hoon Jung 

"Maximum Voltage Gain Tracking Algorithm for High-Efficiency of Two-Stage Induction Heating Systems Using Resonant Impedance Estimation "

IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron,  vol. 70, pp.7934-7943, Aug. 2023 


 Chang-woo Yun, Jee-Hoon Jung et al. 

"Recent Advances in Triboelectric Nanogenerators From Technological Progress to Commercial Applications"

 ACS Nano, vol. 17, no. 12, pp. 11087-11219, June. 2023


 Kwabena Opoku Bempah, Kyoung-Wook Heo and Jee-Hoon Jung 

"Power Flow Decoupling Method of Triple-Active-Bridge Converter for Islanding Mode Operation in DC Microgrid Systems "

 Journal of Power Electronics, vol. 23, pp.58-67, Oct. 2022 

 Hyun-Ji Kim, Kyoung-Wook Heo and Jee-Hoon Jung 

"Temperature Estimation Techniques of a Pot through Real-time Impedance Measurement of an Induction Heating System"

 KIEE Trans. Electrical Engineers, vol.71, no. 9, pp.1230-1236, Sep. 2022  

 Mina Kim, Hwa-Pyeong Park, and Jee-Hoon Jung 

"Spread Spectrum Technique with Random-Linear Modulation for EMI Mitigation and Audible Noise Elimination in IH Appliances"

 IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron, vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 8589-8593, Aug. 2022

 Jun-Young Lee, and Jee-Hoon Jung

"Modified Three-port DAB Converter Employing Voltage Balancing Capability for Bipolar DC Distribution System"

 IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron, vol. 69, no. 7, pp. 6710-6721, Jul. 2022

 Hyun-Jun Choi, Kyung-Wook Heo, and Jee-Hoon Jung

"A Hybrid Switching Modulation of Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage System in DC Microgrid" 

 IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 6555-6568, Jan. 2022


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