Antennas & Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems

Third edition to be published in 2024! Watch this space for details.

This is the website for the Wiley-published book "Antennas & Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems" book by Simon R. Saunders and Alejandro Aragón-Zavala.

First published in 1999 and substantially updated  in a 2nd edition in 2005, the book has been adopted by many university course tutors as a course text, and has acted as an essential reference for a generation of antennas and propagation practitioners in industry and academia. 

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About the book

The book grew out of courses delivered for final year undergraduates and Masters students at the University of Surrey, in the research centre which is now best known for its 5G Innovation Centre

We focus on the underlying principles of antennas and propagation, but without relying on the vector calculus which puts off many from studying this vital and interesting topic. Given a thorough grounding in propagation mechanisms, we apply these to real-world communication systems including mobile, satellite, fixed links and broadcasting, deriving propagation and channel models suitable for both equipment designers and system planners.  Similarly, we introduce the operation of various basic antenna structures then apply these to a wide range of communication systems.

This approach means that the knowledge gained in the book is long-lasting yet instantly applicable. The book's long shelf life yet consistent appearance on the desks of industry practitioners also support this approach. 


Antennas and propagation are the key factors influencing the robustness and quality of the wireless communication channel. This book introduces the basic concepts and specific applications of antennas and propagation to wireless systems, covering terrestrial and satellite radio systems in both mobile and fixed contexts.


Antennas and Propagation is a vital source of information for wireless communication engineers as well as for students at postgraduate or senior undergraduate levels.

Distinctive features of this book are:

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About the authors


"The second edition has been a regular reference for many years! 👍 "

"I still have my 1st edition copy, such a great book, well written and accessible.  "

"Yes I found your book really useful indeed as I was designing mobile networks in Hong Kong (tough RF environment) at the time. "

"Started my professional journey at Siradel and the book was on my desk the first day I got there ;-). Learned a lot and it was very useful for my interactions with all propagation experts surrounding me. "

"We reference this book more than any other - it’s still highly relevant for us and our customers. Thanks for publishing it! "

"Gotta say that your book on antennas and propagation made my whole academic life! "

"His book is an excellent tool for starting researchers and keen undergrad/postgrad students who want to get a sound understanding of some of the important aspects of propagation modelling in the wireless world of today. He does this avoiding Maxwell's equations and the book does not require the reader to have a detailed knowledge of applied statistics. ....A "must be on my shelf"....."

"Due to the concise, invaluable information for my PhD I had to purchase the book having used a borrowed copy. It will certainly be a very important tool to use over the coming years as mobile developments continue."

Prof. Simon Saunders is a wireless expert, with a technical and commercial background derived from senior appointments in both industry (including Philips and Motorola) and academia (University of Surrey).  He is an adjunct professor at Trinity College Dublin and Access Technology Principal at Google. 

As co-founder and Director of Technology for independent wireless strategy advisory firm Real Wireless (2007-15), he was responsible for overall technical capability and direction, providing independent wireless expertise and advice to operators, regulators, technology and law firms and wireless users. Customers included Ofcom, Cisco, European Commission, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Inmarsat and many others. 

He is an author of over 150 articles, books and book chapters. He has acted as a consultant to companies including BAA, BBC, O2, Ofcom, BT, ntl, Mitsubishi and British Land and was CTO of Red-M and CEO of Cellular Design Services Ltd and has acted as an expert witness in legal proceedings in England and the US. Simon speaks and chairs a wide range of international conferences and training courses and has invented over 15 patented wireless technologies. Particular expertise includes in-building wireless systems, radiowave propagation prediction, smart antenna design and mobile system analysis. He has served on technical advisory boards of several companies, was Visiting Professor to the University of Surrey, member of the industrial advisory board at University College London,  founding chairman of Small Cell Forum (formerly Femto Forum), which he chaired from 2007-12 and a member of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board from 2007-14.  

See LinkedIn profile and personal website for more.

Dr. Alejandro Aragón-Zavala. is  a Principal Technology Consultant for Real Wireless, a leading consultancy firm in wireless communications and technologies based in the UK. I am also a Researcher and Lecturer at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Queretaro, México.  Formerly, Head of Department for my university, Tec de Monterrey, as well as Program Chair for Electronics Engineering, for eight years. I was a Senior Radio Consultant and In-building Design Tools Engineer at Cellular Design Services, latterly Red-M), UK, for over seven years.

He is also author of books on High Altitude Platforms and Indoor Wireless  Communication Systems.

See LinkedIn profile and university website for more.