Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2020

K-12 Poster Contest

New Changes as of March 31:

1) the deadline has been extended to April 22;

2) we now accept art by email.

The month of May is officially designated as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. During that month, we learn about the history of AAPIs since their arrival in the United States in the mid-1800's, recalling their challenges and celebrating their contributions to American society.

All Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students K-12 are invited to submit artwork for a poster that features a notable Asian American and her/his contributions. The entries will be judged by community art and art performance professionals in a poster contest.

First place ($100), second place ($75) and third place ($50) winners will be selected for each of the elementary, middle and high school categories for a total nine awards.


Flyer V12.pdf

Submit by April 22


Eligibility: Applicant must be enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) during the 2019-2020 school year. Only one entry per applicant is allowed.

Content: Identify a notable living or deceased Asian American. Create art that captures that person's likeness and images that represents her/his contributions.

Format (all three required):

  1. Art piece on a single, two-dimensional sheet of Tabloid-size paper (11"x 17")
  2. Consent & release form
  3. Application form, including:
  • name, professional title and birth/death dates of Asian American contributor, Example: Gene Luen Yang, Graphic Novelist and Cartoonist (1973-);
  • suggested caption (maximum 24 words) that summarizes the essence of the contribution, Example: Showed young people the potential of comics to explore present-day and historical events through a contemporary Chinese American lens;
  • brief description why student chose the public figure.


Q: What forms can be used to create the art?

A: Students may use drawings, paintings, photographs, digital art, ink stamps, etc. or a combination. The art does need to be two-dimensional, on Tabloid-size (11”x17” or 17"x11") paper, or a digital equivalent as follows:

  • For .png or .pdf scanned by scanner, set scan size to 11"x17" or 17"x11" with 300dpi with 16-bit (or 8-bit) RGB color.
  • For .png or .pdf saved or exported from applications, set media size to 11"x17" or 17"x11" with 300dpi with 8-bit (or 16-bit) RGB color.
  • For .docx saved by Microsoft Word or downloaded from Google Docs, set the page size to Tabloid (11"x17" or 17"x11") with 0" margins.
  • For .pptx saved by Microsoft PowerPoint, set both slide size and page size to Tabloid (11"x17" or 17"x11") with 0" non-printable area.
  • For .pptx downloaded from Google Slides, set page setup to Tabloid (11"x17" or 17"x11").

Q: Does the art have to be in portrait or landscape format?

A: The art can be in either portrait or landscape format.

Q: May the applicant send the submission by email?

A: Yes. We accept e-submission by email following the format requirement stated above.

Q: How does the student submit their artwork if they are sending 11”x17” to a post box mailing address?

A: The student may use a large envelope or mailing tube available at a local office supply store. The U.S. Postal Service will store the large envelope or mailing tube in a larger space than the post office box so that the art does not become damaged.

Q: May the student write a poem, essay or narrative?

A: Students will be judged primarily on the visual art that captures the Asian American role model’s likeness and images that represents his/her contributions; they may use written words to enhance the visual art.

Q: Can the student sign the artwork?

A: No. To ensure that the judges will not see the students’ names, please only identify the student on the accompanying application and consent & release forms. After the contest, the winners and applicants will be identified alongside their work.

Q: Who are the judges?

A: The judges are artists, art educators and performing art professionals from the local community.



Submit Artwork

APASAAG c/o Aryani Ong

PO BOX 4284

Gaithersburg, MD 20885


Postmarked or dated April 22, 2020

Click here to download the application.


  • Asian Pacific American Student Achievement Action Group (APASAAG)*,
  • Chinese American Parents Association - Montgomery County (CAPA-MC),
  • Calvin Li Memorial Foundation,
  • the City of Rockville Asian American Task Force,
  • Association of Vietnamese Americans (AVA),
  • Indonesian American Association (IAA).

*APASAAG is an advisory body, whose members engage in regular dialogue with MCPS to provide feedback on issues affecting the Asian Pacific American (APA) community and advocate on behalf of APA students.