Research Statement

I am a computer scientist passionate about solving complex computational problems, in particular with applications to computational robotics. My research focuses on finding useful abstract representations to complex problems such that we can solve them more efficiently while keeping strong formal guarantees.

My specific interests are algorithms for optimization and planning of complex and high-dimensional robotic systems. Examples include the assembly of buildings (Video), humanoid footstep planning (Video), moving rigid bodies through narrow passages (Video), product assembly (Video), multi-robot coordination (Video) and computer animation (Video). However, to solve such problems, we need to search through high-dimensional state spaces, which might have intricate constraints, uncertain elements, narrow passages or require contact-based locomotion.

To efficiently solve such problems, I am investigating abstract representations and topological optimization methods. My research lies at the intersection of computer science and mathematics, which I believe holds immense potential to (1) significantly increase our understanding about high-dimensional state spaces and (2) guide us towards developing algorithms which have both, strong formal guarantees as well as fast and efficient execution times. Please see my current projects on multilevel motion planning, multimodal optimization and the List of Publications for current progress. The videos below show a cross-section of interesting problems I have been working on along with my collaborators.