About us


Gary McAllister (Chairman and Press Officer):

Gary has been a member of the Amalgamation since its formation and has served on the Committee since 2005, when he became Press Officer. He became Chairman of the organisation in 2010 and enjoys working with other fans from throughout Northern Ireland. Gary represents Woodvale NISC and became the AONISC representative to the IFA Council in June 2016.

Nigel McMahon (Vice Chairman):

Another representative from a Founder Member Club, Nigel represents City of Armagh NISC and has been Vice-Chairman of the AONISC since 2010 and also sits on the Community Forum with representatives from the community in the area which neighbours the NFS at Windsor Park, the IFA, PSNI and other agencies.

Andy Culbert (Honorary Secretary and Ticket Secretary):

Andy Culbert is the Secretary of Spirit of 82 NISC. His club is one of the largest memberships in the AONISC, with more than 100 members and have been members of the AONISC since the club formation in 2004. Andy came on to the AONISC Committee as Assistant Secretary in 2005 and took over his role as Ticket Secretary from Jim Rainey in 2008 and is highly respected for his work in this area.

Dawn Smyth (Assistant Secretary):

Dawn has been a long standing member of the AONISC, firstly as a member of Drumreagh NISC and more recently with Ards NISC. Dawn was elected to the Committee in 2017, after volunteering at the Northern Ireland Fans' Embassy at Euro 2016 and also has an interest in ticketing issues.

Jim Spratt (Honorary Treasurer):

Jim is from Saintfield, Co. Down and owns a Fish and Chip shop in the village. He became involved with the AONISC when Secretary of Bangor NISC and joined the Committee in 2011, serving as Treasurer since 2012. He represents Head Heel or Toe NISC. Jim is also a Committee member with Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and played a very important role when the AONISC hosted the FSE Fans' Congress in Belfast during July 2015 and with the Northern Ireland Fans' Embassy at Euro 2016.

David McGaughey (Assistant Treasurer):

David is a member of Londonderry NISC, who are another of our Founder Member Clubs and he helped to establish the Club more than thirty years ago.

David McFarland (Committee Member):

David was elected to the Committee at the AGM in 2018 and is Chairman of Wheatfield NISC, from North Belfast. David has held this position in the Club throughout its ten-year history.

Peter Collins (Committee Member):

Peter was also elected onto the Committee at the 2018 AGM. Secretary of 1st Magheragall NISC, Peter is also a long-term Block Booker for Northern Ireland home games, attending with his father and friends since childhood. He helped to establish the group as a supporters' club in 2015.