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Technology emerged and improved over the past decades and American Online has played a significant role in adding to the experience. It was one of the first online service providers that delivered a great user experience with its strategic business plan and services.

You’ll be learning about the AOL Mail login procedure along with the benefits that can be yielded with a login account and significant data about the journey of AOL throughout the years.

Another thing to know is that AOL Mail is the most appreciated service provided by the brand amongst several others. As it offers an exclusively user-friendly layout and magnifies the utility that a user gets.

An AOL Mail login account can be described as a virtual platform that helps you communicate with people around the world and a few other features that make it worth giving a shot. So, let’s move on to provide you with a much better understanding of AOL Mail, and the brand itself.


In its initial years, AOL Mail login was very appreciated and the reason was that the company flourished by buying tech companies and offering quality services to several thousands of users.

It even ended up buying Time Warner during that time, which later ended up being sold to AT&T. All these “going up the curve” decisions made it difficult for the competing brands to even think that they can stand against it.

As the world accepted technology AOL users started accepting change in their lives and so, AOL Mail login accounts took a hit for its slightly backward internet community. The world was going wireless, where AOL had a huge population of dial-up users.

Great challenges came their way and even when they came out stronger, they couldn’t grow past their initial days of glory. Thus, the assets obtained by AOL or American Online (as was known then), we're slowly sold off until a time came, when the company was sold out too.


AOL Mail login did not die out after it got sold to Verizon, in fact, it improved and started doing wonders with all of their services. It added several online products and services to increase its consumer base and better the user experience for existing and potential users.

AOL is a free email service provider, even when it serves huge communities in such a technology-dominated world. Other email services they offer are Yahoo, Verizon, Compuserve, and a few other Frontier emails, and to your surprise, you can also get dial-up services.


Namely, three major advantages add to AOL’s worth. Listed below are small descriptions of the three:

  • Desktop Software- With AOL Desktop you will be eligible to use services like emails, browsers, internet surfing, dial-up connectivity, and instant messaging.

  • AOL Shield- This exclusive feature provides advanced security services that protect all of your activities online such as e-commerce transactions, banking tasks, and even social media interactions.

AOL Mobile Application- You’ll get to be updated with news headlines, most trending video content, and so much more.

Note: These are just a few benefits of signing up for an AOL Mail Login account.

Procedure to Sign-up and Set Your Account

Now that you know, having an AOL Mail login account can open a new online world to you with enhanced browsing, messaging, calendars, movies, emails and so much more, this may be the time to understand the steps that would direct you to your email account. Enlisted is a step-wise guide to sign up for it:

  1. From your in-use web browser, visit AOL’s official site.

  2. Locate and go into the “Create an Account” option link.

  3. Fill in with the requested data for registering your account.

  4. Feed in your Gender, verify the data and hit on Continue.

Note: That is all you need to undergo to create your free AOL Mail login account.

Getting Into Your AOL Account

Once you’ve created your email account with AOL, it is better to log out for ensuring additional safety. But, if you do that, you will have to log in again to access and manage your account. Therefore, given below are the steps that would help you log into your account successfully:

  1. Again, start with entering the brands’ official site.

  2. Locate and hit on the “Login/Join” option link.

  3. Feed-in your account credentials in the specified boxes.

  4. Finish the process by hitting on the “Sign In” option link.

Note: And now, you can access your account, enjoy its features and even make adjustments in its setting according to your preferences.

That’s it!

You’ll know how the brand never gave up on its goals even when it encountered constant challenges with offered services. And the above-detailed read will become your companion and walk you through AOL’s years of existence, its current state, a few of its benefits, the step-wise guide to create and sign in to your AOL Mail login account.