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American Online has grabbed a significant share of public interest with its exclusive services. And AOL along with Verizon acquired its online gaming service which was formerly renowned as AOL Games offer a varied range of games for its users to choose from that is inclusive of several board games, card games, casino styled games, puzzles and arcade games, and the like. This read is focused on a few different free games that AOL offers online and its login process. "covid-19"


There are tons of games that you find online. Let’s see how you can log in for AOL games:

  1. Direct yourself to the official AOL webpage.

  2. Look for and locate “Games”.

  3. Tap on it and then go for “Login/Join”.

  4. Enter your AOL account credentials and log in.

  5. Choose from the options, and start playing.

Note: You would need an AOL account to be able to play games that are offered by American Online or AOL, as we know it.


“AOL free games” has been offering approximately 5000 games for their users without any charges. All of these games guarantee exclusive and advanced graphics with a real-time gaming experience. However, AOL very recently launched and introduced its “pay-to-play” section with exciting new services that offers its subscribers interactive games. This refers to charges for extra playing hours and is an initiative to reduce the company’s dependence on monthly payments by users.


There are tons of AOLGames but let’s focus on a few that is said to be the best. Listed below are the names:

  • AOL Games Chess

  • Spider Solitaire

  • Star Defender

  • AOL Games Pinochle

  • Just Words

  • Backgammon

  • MSN Games

Note: AOL is said to be a major service provider in card games, word games, board games, and casino games online. "covid-19"


Let’s talk about two specific games that have acquired a lot of attention and appreciation;

Spider Solitaire

This is your ideal spot if you are into card games since the beginning of digital gaming. You have to arrange card stacks in descending sequence and eliminating cards from the tableau that are dealt at the bottom of the page. The cards keep increasing and so does the fun. Build a foundation where you’ve arranged them from King to Ace and get the win.

AOL Games Pinochle

Ready for some digital card melding? Here’s your single and multi-player (four) game for trick-taking of cards. This game includes the use of two decks in which forty cards are allotted to each of them (Aces, Tens, Kings, Queens, Jacks). Gain points by melding card combinations and tricking your oppositions. The trump suit gets declared only by the winner of the game that has the maximum points.


We’ve all seen pop-up ads for word games, and some of which really catches your attention. AOL Games Just Words is one such online game that you are bound to pay attention to. It’s simply like playing Scrabble- placing letters on your turn and gaining points. The player with the most letter points gets to be the winner. Rare points like “X” and “Z” will help you get more points. In addition to that, you will also be improving your vocabulary.


Traced back to a few centuries, this is considered to be the oldest board games that exist. AOL games offer the users to play Backgammon on their platform and keep the essence of the game alive. It has been extremely famous as AOL is focused on delivering the best services to its users, especially with free Backgammon. Here the players get 15 pieces each that functions and moves around 24 triangles that is directed by the rolling of two dices Play Backgammon online and experience this age-old game with new advanced technology.

AOL games don’t just offer these few games named above. The wide variety offered by AOL also includes several MSN games for free- single, multi-player, and interactive games with chat feature. They are:

  • Puzzles

  • Word & Trivia

  • Arcade Games

  • Poker/Casino games.


AOL Games has captured a lot of attention along with an appreciation for the wide range of games it has on the gaming platform. AOL with Verizon also announced their “Pay-to-Play” games even when most of the games they offer are free. Here, in this read, you get to know about the login process to play games on AOL, and a little detail on a few of their major or most appreciated games. This informative read gives you an overall idea of what you would find and how you would play single, multi-player and interactive games by AOL.

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