Academy Internships

Internships are a part of the AOIT program to help students develop work experience and the attainment of the internship is the responsibility of the student in the AOIT program.

The Advisory Board has spent many hours developing internships opportunities for students who have tried and cannot find an internship. In effort to respect the Advisory Board's time spent developing these internships, AOIT Juniors are only allowed to apply for 5 different positions that they are interested in.

Please note that the internships will be posted as they are developed throughout the Spring semester, so please check this website each Monday for more opportunities.

Below is a listing of available internships for Apex High School AOIT students in the Junior class only. To apply for one of your top 5 internships that interests you, please submit an email to Ms. Robinson. Email should include the name of the company, the internship number, and your resume saved with the following naming scheme: First Name_Last Name_Resume.

AOIT Internships 2017