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The Google for Education Community supporting ANZ teachers deal with the Covid-19 situation

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of remote learning?

Have you been thrown into remote teaching but aren't quite sure whether what you're doing is on the right track? Do you even know what the right track looks like? Are you feeling overwhelmed with change and a barrage of new resources, and would just like to talk to another teacher about it? Do you have questions about remote learning that you'd just like some guidance or advice with with?

The Google for Education Community wants to help.

There is a strong community of certified Google for Education Innovators, Trainers and GEG leaders who want to help you. We are mostly teachers, just like you, from across Australia and New Zealand.

While there are lots of great online resources for teachers, we know that sometimes all you really need is a bit of personal 1:1 support rather than going down a maze of endless online tutorials and webinars! The Google for Education Community are volunteering their time and the expertise to offer you just that.

All you need to do is fill in the form below and one of us will get in touch as soon as we can to make a time to talk with you.