Anything Cakes

by Dennis and Sarah

About the Name

Anything Cakes is the hobby of Dennis and Sarah. Dennis started Anything Cakes when he was 16 years old after visiting his Aunt in Washington State one summer. Aunt Florence was decorating an anniversary cake for their next door neighbor and Dennis thought it looked like fun.

He returned home that summer and started reading books and eventually got to the point where he made is mothers wedding cake when she re-married. It looked pretty nice, but looking back now it was a rough start.

Anything Cakes took off and Dennis was doing several cakes a week and things were growing so big that it was time to either move the business out of his house or stop doing it. At 19, without the business savvy, he stopped decorating for the most part.

Fast forward 25 years and Dennis is getting married and before you know it, two of the most beautiful baby girls in the world come along and as they grow Dennis picks up the pastry bag once more. He's now a regular cake maker on the mommy group circuit and of course makes cakes for his girl’s birthdays.

Sarah got in to the act discovering a talent for sculpting in gum paste. She's made many sculpted people, animals including fish, birds and a little yellow bear in a red sweater. She's now pretty much a regular on each project and the two of them enjoy this hobby together. This is why, when many people see one of their more elaborate creations, they inevitably ask "And you’re still married?"

And they are still married, and loving it.

Some of the Cakes