Anuvab Chatterjee

Graduate Student in Developmental Neurobiology Lab

Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, IIT Kanpur

Prime Minister Research Fellow, May 2021 (Direct Entry)

Supervisor: Dr. Jonaki Sen


I am a graduate student in the Developmental Neurobiology Lab under the supervision of Prof. Jonaki Sen. I joined IIT Kanpur in July, 2021. I completed my B.Tech in Biotechnology from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. I am interested in studying different aspects of vertebrate neuronal development, focusing on the development of the forebrain. My work is focused on the chick embryo and the process of dorsal forebrain roofplate invagination.

At my YouTube channel as part of my PMRF deliverables I have taught a course on Physiology. The topics covered in the course span from cellular physiology, nerve, muscle up to organ systems such as the respiratory system and the circulation system. The course also addresses topics such as high altitude physiology and deep sea physiology.

I have recently finished TA duty with NPTEL on the NPTEL course "Introduction to Developmental Biology", in which I have taken interactive sessions with students who have enrolled in the course.

Link of YouTube channel-