Legal fight


It’s been almost two years since I lost my beautiful boy, and now it’s time for the answers Sean deserves.   

I am happy to announce that Umar Sheikh @uasind @SheikhLawCA , and Angela Wood, have agreed to take on our case. In addition, Dr. Peter McCullough MD MPH @P_McCulloughMD has agreed to act as an expert witness for us.   

Thank you all for your support over these two difficult years. I need your help now more than ever. 

This is just the start of what we expect will be a long and difficult legal battle to get Answers for Sean, to set crucial precedent and hold Canada accountable! 

I am asking you to contribute to the GiveSendGo set up for Sean’s case at this link:   

This is the legal case we all need to be fought and decided! 

The truth must come to light! 

All my boy wanted was to play Hockey and they forced him to get the vaccine. Now he is lost to us forever.  


The fundraiser is being managed and monitored by a third-party organization.

 I know there have been lots of requests to donate lately, and I know times are tough, but this is our chance to hold the government accountable and get the Answers for Sean he deserves. Please use the hashtag #Answers4Sean in your tweets and messages. 

We love you Sean.  Thank you! 

Your Dad