Modern Adaptive Radar: Great Advances in Robust and Inference Techniques and Application

This ANR project has begun 2018 January 1st and will finish 2021 December 31th. It is funded by the DGA (French Defense Agency). Its number is ANR-17-ASTR-0015. If you need informations on this project and have comments please contact the PI: Guillaume Ginolhac.


  • A GdR ISIS day will be organized in 2020 December 8th. Its title is "Covariance matrix advances for machine learning" and the program is available here.

  • We will organize a special session, entitled "Recent Advances in Differential Geometry for Signal and Image Processing" at EUSIPCO 2020 in 2021 (thanks Covid). The program is here.

  • We will organize a special session, entitled "Robust Multi-Sensor Signal Processing: Challenges and Perspectives'' at ASILOMAR 2020. The program is here.

  • This ANR project will co-organize the Statistical learning for signal and image processing workshop in Rüdesheim to July 5th - July 7th 2021.