All About Me :)

B. Essex, 1988.

Lives/Works: Leicester, UK

I am interested in how we all use the internet and our emergent technologies and I explore 'the divided self', virtual identity performance, human mysticism and spirituality, alongside the anthropology of internet culture.

I use smartphone technology and creative applications to produce affective, non-linear narrative with imagery heavily drawn from internet consumer culture.


  • MSc Cultural Events Management, De Montfort University 2017-2019
  • BA(hons) Fine Art, De Montfort University 2008 - 2011

Events Produced

  • Idle Index Browser Based for Phoenix, June 2020
  • ARTWERK Art Fair for Bring The Paint, May 2019
  • The White Pube's Zayn Malik Zindabad! 3 for An Indian Summer, August 2017


  • Interact'18, Light Box Leicester, December 2018
  • Idle Index, Phoenix Leicester, November 2018
  • 10 pieces of art about fake news, you won't believe #9! Light Box Leicester, August 2018
  • Palm Artists, Art Lacuna Clapham Junction, January 2018

  • ebc012 lyin', East Bristol Contemporary, April 2017
  • CoGiTo~ ErGo~ SuM~, Leicester, January 2017

  • LagerLagerLagerLagersala, Ekkisens Gallery Reykjavik, September 2016
  • When I am you then I know myself, EMBASSY Gallery Edinburgh, June 2016
  • #autofotodelfin, Leicester, May 2016