• Translated from the original French 44 archival documents pertaining to anarchist activities in Paris and London in the late 1800s..

  • Edited scholarly articles that had been translated from the original French; checked translations for accuracy and appropriateness.

  • Worked on the French Pamphlets Project in the Hornbake Library archives, University of Maryland at College Park. The project entailed identifying the nature of late 18th century French government documents that were being digitized, followed by basic library cataloging, periodic translating, and writing summaries.

  • Translated from the original French: Thérèse of Lisieux: A Life of Love, by Jean Chalon (Ligouri, Mo.: Ligouri Books).

  • Translated two photo books from the original French:

Unmentionables: The Allure of Lingerie, by C. Paillochet (New York: Delilah Books). Co-translated with Christel Petermann.

Brigitte Bardot: And God Created Woman, by Raymond Boyer, photos; and François Guérif, text (New York: Delilah Books).