Shore diving Sydney, Australia with PhD supervisors Dr. Karen Cheney and Dr. Nerida Wilson

About me

I am an evolutionary and behavioural ecologist specializing in anti-predator defences including visual warning signals and chemical defences. My expertise includes field and lab-based research using chemical bioassays, behavioural experiments, visual modelling, pattern analysis, and chemical-analytical techniques.


ESEB 2021

I was invited to give an opening keynote at the fantastic ESEB satellite symposium: Multiple Prey Defences! You can watch my talk here: Chemical defences of aposematic species: disrupting attack with weapons and signals.

Exciting news!

I have started a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship in the Sensory Ecology group at the University of Exeter, UK.

ESEB 2019

On the way to the European Society for Evolutionary Biology annual conference to present my poster.

Exciting news!

I have taken up a new position as a post-doctoral researcher in the Predator-Prey Interactions group at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

'Why these nudibranchs look so much like David Bowie' Fun article about Bowiebranchia, which showcases the bold and beautiful colour patterns shared between nudibranchs and the iconic rock star.

Journal of Chemical Ecology

We made the cover!

'Spot the Difference' highlights our research into the role of predator psychology in shaping the evolution of warning signals.

ISBE Exeter

Presenting my work on mimicry in nudibranchs, followed by a talk at the Anti-Predator Colouration Symposium.

Season 3 episode 103 'Animals vs Science' features our research into the chemical defences of nudibranchs.

Our recent publication 'Choose Your Weaponry: Selective Storage of a Single Toxic Compound, Latrunculin A, by Closely Related Nudibranch Molluscs' has been featured on IFLScience.

Season 21 episode 82 'Colours' features our research into nudibranch colour patterns.