Anna Botelho is a performer, teacher, choreographer, and program creator and manager. Her first passion is teaching - she loves all avenues of education, coaching, and mentorship that inspire others to grow and become their best. As the founder of the Google dance program, and current manager of the GoogleArts program, she is in the center of bringing visual and performing arts programming to the tech world. Anna is a thought leader and engaging speaker on dance making, data driven program management, the intersection of arts and technology, and bringing new programs to life to inspire the world. She specializes in choreographing dance pieces that are as fun to perform as they are to watch. Described as "a force of nature", Anna invites you to join her in defining a vision of a better world, and executing on your dreams.

Anna Botelho travels nationally and internationally to perform, teach, and speak. She has performed from Puerto Rico to Brazil, taught in India and Australia, and has spoken at many symposiums and conferences including at Yale and Stanford, Google, Design for Dance, and DanceNYC. Anna has served as a member of the Isadora Duncan dance awards committee. She is now the program manager of the GoogleArts program at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. This program strives to fulfill Googlers' creative needs on campus with visual and performing arts programs.