Anita hails from a very artistic German-Italian family of 5 children, growing up in Brasil, in a home where parties, soirées, and artists’ gatherings were constant events.

Mom, Laura Cavalheiro, was originally a lawyer but developed a very successful career as cultural producer, grant writer, and theatre-union do-all.

Dad, Andre Petry, is an accomplished journalist, columnist, and funny-guy really.

Anita stepped on the stage for the first time at age 12, as a very young modern dancer, but the theatre became an absolute passion shortly after that. At age 14, workshops and acting classes populated life and took over all of her time, consistently, from high school on.

During her college experience (split between Brasil and the US), she worked professionally in both theatre and TV, and developed interest in dance-theatre, theatre of the absurd, clowning, and circus aerial acrobatics.

Besides acting, Anita is in love with her Dubliner husband, with foreign languages, anthropology, yoga, cooking, and all beautiful music and poetry.


  • At 5 years of age, Anita’s favorite hobby was to memorize TV commercials and re-enact them around the house.
  • Her favorite outfit was a blue-and-gold jester costume which she often wore to go play with the other kids in the neighborhood.

The photo above, in the blue dress, was taken by either mom or dad, in 1987, when she had chosen to wear a Festa Junina costume for an ordinary play date.

Note: The hipster glasses are now back in fashion!