Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy my wedding gown?

At least 3-6 months before the wedding date.

Can I buy a dress off the rack?

Yes. If you feel that this is the dress for you, then by all means purchase it. All of our dresses on the rack are clean because we keep our store thoroughly clean and customers do not wear outside shoes in our store.

What are some things I should look for when shopping for a dress?

You should consider the style, colour, cut, fabric, and adornments such as beads. Try on a few dresses and feel what looks best on you.

Do I need an appointment to visit your store?

Appointments are recommended, especially for alterations. However we welcome all walk-in customers, but please note that priority will be given to appointments. Call us at 604-298-9788 to schedule your appointment.

Do I need alterations? If so, then when?

Dresses fit people in many different ways. During the fitting we will determine whether you need alterations or not. If alterations are needed, then we suggest at least one month prior to the wearing date.

I purchased my dress elsewhere, can I take it to your store for alterations?

Yes, most definitely. Bring your dress in along with your shoes. We can also provide an esitmate before you decide on who you want to alter your dress.

Do I need an appointment for alterations?

Yes we strongly recommend you to book an appointment with us. Fittings usually take about half an hour for each dress. Please bring your shoes and all undergarments. Call us at 604-298-9788

Do you do other kinds of alterations besides dresses?

Yes we do various kinds of alterations such as jeans and pants hemming, mens and womens clothing, and more.

Who should I bring with me when shopping for a dress?

Getting a second or third opinion is always a good idea. Bring one or two people with you when you shop. However don't bring too many people because everyone will have their own opinions which can lead to indecisiveness.

What kind of veil should I buy?

First of all, make sure you have bought your dress. You do not want a veil that overpowers the beauty of your dress. Veils come in many different styles, weights of fabric, choice of trimmings, and length. Pick one that goes best with your gown. Moreover we can custom-make a veil to match your needs such as length, assortment of details, multi-layered, and more.

What do I wear underneath my wedding gown?

Ideally a bra and a slip should be worn under the gown. You need something that is comfortable and provides support with your gown. However a slip may be optional if your gown is a slim sheath. At Angeline Bridal we sell Spanx that enhance your figure while wearing your wedding gown.

How do I walk with my train?

The train can be bustled, which means hooks and eyes or buttons are sewn onto the back of the gown. During the reception, for example, you can pull up your train to make you more mobile.

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