Triathlon - Cycling - Running


Angela Naeth 1-on-1:

Opportunity to work one-on-one with Angela Unlimited access, support and communication. Weekly scheduling, work with you daily.

6 month minimum commitment

INCLUDES all key pillars of being an athlete:

  • Aerobic heart rate based training and weekly training plans.

  • Focused work. Working one limiter at a time.

  • Sport specific strength work for the time crunched athlete.

  • Recovery and getting ahead of deep fatigue. Building in rest and/or days off during your week.

  • Daily nutrition and hydration plans

  • Bike and run specific nutrition/hydration plans

  • Mobility

  • Bike and gear setup

  • Mental preparation

  • Race specific preparation

  • Race execution plans

Amy Woods 1-on-1:

Amy Woods has been teaching cycling and strength classes since 2002. She lives with her husband, two teenage children, and a poodle in Cape Cod, MA. She also was a classroom teacher for 22 years and recently left the classroom to focus more on her family and her passion for all things fitness.

When Amy is not in the studio, you can probably find her swimming, biking, and running. She is a level 1 USAT Triathlon coach, a Gold Ironman All World Athlete, a USAT All-American, a Boston Marathon qualifier, and part of the I Race Like A Girl team and her local Cape Cod Triathlon team.

Custom Training Plans

This option is an ideal alternative to One-on-One coaching, providing a structured plan to help stay motivated. An individualized training program will be created to address your athletic goals for 12+ weeks, and fit your personal training volume, and planned races. You will work directly with Angela for specifics and details for your individualized plan.

This is ideal for those wanting some support any time of the year. 6 month commitment.


  • Initial phone call with the coach writing your plan, to review the initial athlete intake form, prior to each plan being written.

  • Testing using our field-test protocol to determine accurate heart rate training zones.

  • Online training log, where workouts are posted, and used to record results/track progress for each workout.

  • Daily workouts, issued for entire period of your plan.

  • Strength training plan, with specific gym exercises and descriptions, where appropriate.

  • Note, with Training Plans, all contact with your coach is made via email.