andrés ehecatl aguilar

My name is Andrés Ehecatl Aguilar [anˈdɾɛs eˈhekat͡ɬ aɡiˈlaɾ], and I'm a PhD candidate in Linguistics at UC San Diego. I am a linguist, fieldworker, and artist that has grown up on the US-Mexico border, and continue to cross borders in my professional and community work.

My linguistic research focuses on languages of the Americas. My interests are in phonology, phonetics , morphophonology, fieldwork, language description & revitalization, and sociolinguistics. My research projects focus on Chicontepec Nahuatl and Ja'a Kumiai.

In my dissertation work, I seek to understand how how different domains of the grammar interface by looking at laryngeal articulations in Chicontepec Nahuatl and Choguita Raramuri. My motivating claim is that laryngeal articulations can arise at different levels of the grammar, i.e. from phonological, morphological and post-lexical prosodic domains. I first determine which laryngeal sounds are derived from which level of the grammar, and how do levels of grammatical structure interact to constrain or determine which laryngeals are realized when the position of two laryngeals (derived from different levels of the grammar) co-occur. Second, because grammatical structure can have effects on phonetic implementation, I also address how different domains of grammatical structure influence the phonetic properties of laryngeal articulations.

Contact me at: aea005 [at] ucsd [dot] edu

Banner photo: at La Quemada, Zacatecas, Mexico