High Level Assembly

Various Tools, programs, examples and accessories written in Randal Hyde's High Level Assembly Programming Language

All the binaries listed here are compiled for Windows Operating system. HLA is also available on linux.


HIDE is an IDE that is written in HLA and comes complete with the latest stable HLA binaries along with 3rd party tools. It is a fully contained environment that does not need any external files.

HIDE 1.6.1


Arayna is a text adventure game engine with a custom scripting language to create custom interactive fiction adventure games.

The language/GUI offer features to add fully scripted dialogues and custom buttons that the user can click on to progress through the game.

Comes with several sample scripts, a full IF game written by Paul Panks and converted to Arayna script by myself.

Arayna 0.95.00


SavageEd is an editor I wrote in HLA using windows richedit dynamic libraries. At first, it was just a project to see if I could do better than notepad in a smaller footprint. After that success, I just added a few features that I love to use:

  • Quick loading
  • Quick edit : esc key to exit, option to auto save on exit, automatically open most recent file
  • Reverse log option
  • Pattern searching
  • AES encryption

Features added to SavageEd 0.4.0

  • Remembers last position on most recent file
  • Auto indents

Features added/removed in SavageEd 0.5.0

  • Removed print option. There are better programs for printing documents.
  • Added various keyboard shortcuts for mouse-free quick editing.

SavageEd 0.5.4


SavageEd 0.3.x is in final version.

SavageEd 0.3.0

Morse Code Trainer

Simple little open source program I wrote that beeps typed keys with morse code signals. Allows for changing a few settings, but it's not a robust program. Source included.