Teaching & Supervision

Teaching is one of my chief interests as an academic. I have had several opportunities for teaching both in New Mexico and at Oxford. I have taught a range of students from undergraduates to doctoral students, as well as to students outside of Mathematics in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and even Management. I spend some time each year to catch up on modern pedagogical research, and to try and refine my own approaches with feedback from students and colleagues. At Oxford, I have been involved in departmental, college (St Anne's and Pembroke), and Doctoral Training Centre teaching.

I am actively engaged in supervising research students at the undergraduate and Masters levels, and keen to continue to do so. Please contact me if you are considering research in any of my research areas, and I would be happy to discuss this further. Below are lists of courses taught and research students supervised.

Courses Taught:

  • Oxford Prelims (first year UG) - Introductory Calculus, Geometry, Dynamics
  • Oxford Part A (second year UG) - Differential Equations 1 and 2, Fluids and Waves, Statistics, Integral Transforms, and Mathematical Biology
  • Oxford Part C and MMSC Courses - Topics in Fluids, Mathematical Physiology (including substitute lecturing), Applied Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematical Methods
  • Oxford DTC Demonstrating - Systems Medicine/Mathematical Biology
  • Oxford CBL Lecturing (Oriel College) - Numerical Analysis and Image Processing and Ontologies
  • NMT - Linear Algebra labs (Matlab and matrix computation), Ordinary Differential Equations labs (Maple and symbolic computation), Trigonometry, Calculus I

Students Supervised (papers published are included as links):