Welcome to my web site!

My name is Andrew and I'm a BFA graduate of Houghton College (December 2017) where I majored in Studio Art and specialized in Ceramics. You can see some of my work on my Portfolio page. Please visit my Etsy shop to see my current work that is available for sale. I occasionally do special order custom pieces, so contact me through my Etsy shop if you have something in mind.

Stoneware Pottery is a type of traditional pottery made from naturally occurring clay which is fired at about 1,100 °C (2,010 °F) to 1,300 °C (2,370 °F). The earliest examples of stoneware have been dated to 1900 BC, and the craft flourished in the early civilizations of South Asia and China. Glazes made of various elements can be applied to create color and pattern on the surface.

Most of my pieces are created on my Shimpo RK Whisper wheel in my home studio and I'm a member of Flower City Art Center, where I glaze and fire my pottery. My Stoneware pieces are created using traditional techniques, including hand building, slab work, and the pottery wheel and are food safe, microwave safe, and may be washed in the dishwasher. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the colors and gloss for many years of use and beauty.