Assessor FAQ

Assessor FAQ page:

In simple words what does the assessor do?

The assessor values all taxable property and attempts to do so in the most fair and equitable manner possible.

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How much do we pay our assessor?


Who is our current assessor?

Current assessor page:

Who is the current assessor? Republican Patsy Melonakis is the current assessor. While she has filled the office, she has not taken the test yet to my understanding to show her knowledge of property valuation for the government processes. Her campaign page from 2014 said that has been a real estate broker for a number of years. She has spent a significant amount on redecorating a relatively new county office at tax payer expense.

What is the method for calculating tax amount based on mill levies?

While the assessor determines value, the voters vote on the tax rates for Special Districts, School Municipalities and the county as a whole, the treasure performs the calculations and gives notice to the taxpayers about the amount owed.

Here is a link to a good explanation of that process.

What is the current rate for residential properties based on Gallagher amendment?


What is the appeal processes?

There are multiple parts and levels to appealing your property taxes in Colorado. These are just some of the possible information you can find on that process.

Appeal to assessor.

Appeal to CBOE.

Appeal to board of assessors at the state level.

What is abatement?

Defined: Abatement is he process of stopping/reducing unfair taxes. (usually protested if it is too high)

C.R.S. 39-1-113

Why is the assessor important?

The assessor is important because he or she runs the office that determines the value for the real and business personal properties that can be taxed.

How many employees are in the assessor office?


What are the different types of assessment?

Income, cost to rebuild/re-acquire, market value

What are exemptions?

Exemption are an exclusion, up to a certain amount for certain people based on public good.

Who is exempt?

Disabled Veterans and seniors


Where do I get the forms for an exemption?

Long form/ short form.

What could we do better?

Fair appraisals and assessments. Listen to you the tax payer. Outreach to seniors and disabled veterans.

GIS -- What is it?

Geographic Information Systems. The ability to take map representations of the land and associate data with locations.

Why is GIS important to the assessor's office?

It is important because it allows the assessor office to accurately find and value properties within the county more quickly and efficiently.