Andrés Cristi

I am a fourth year PhD student at Universidad de Chile and I am fortunate to be advised by José Correa and Paul Dütting. Previously, I received a master's degree in Operations Management from Universidad de Chile.

My interests are focused on Algorithmic Game Theory, specially in Mechanism Design. I am also interested in Approximation Algorithms.

My research is supported by the Chilean Science Foundation (ANID) and a Facebook Fellowship.

email: andres.cristi [at]


  • I was selected as recipient of the 2021 Facebook Fellowship award! :D :D

  • I started a research internship at Google's Zürich office! I will be here until December 2020.

  • I am working from home, like everyone else, but somehow that means it's easier to schedule a virtual meeting, so just send me an email ;)

  • I attended the workshop YoungEC in December, 2019, in Tel Aviv.

  • I attended the workshop "Matching and Objectives" during the first two weeks of September, 2019, at the Simons Institute, in Berkeley.

  • Our paper "School Choice in Chile" was selected as a finalist in the EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2019.


The Secretary Problem with Independent Sampling
(with José Correa, Laurent Feuilloley, Tim Oosterwijk and Alexandros Tsigonias-Dimitriadis)
SODA'21. [DOI]

The Two-Sided Game of Googol and Sample-Based Prophet Inequalities

(with José Correa, Boris Epstein and José Soto)
SODA '20 [arXiv] [DOI] [1 minute talk][20 minutes talk].

A General Framework for Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing Mechanisms

(with Antonios Antoniadis, Tim Oosterwijk and Alkmini Sgouritsa)
AAMAS '20 [PDF].

Better approximations for general caching and UFP-cover under resource augmentation
(with Andreas Wiese)

Fixed-parameter algorithms for Unsplittable Flow Cover
(with Mathieu Mari and Andreas Wiese)
STACS '20 [DOI]. Journal version accepted in Theory of Computing Systems (TOCS).

On the Complexity of Anchored Rectangle Packing
(with Antonios Antoniadis, Felix Biermeier, Christoph Damerius, Ruben Hoeksma, Dominik Kaaser, Peter Kling and Lukas Nölke)
ESA '19 [DROPS].

On the Price of Anarchy for Flows Over Time
(with José Correa and Tim Oosterwijk)
EC '19 [DOI]. Journal version accepted in Mathematics of Operations Research (MOR).

School Choice in Chile
(with José Correa, Rafael Epstein, Juan Escobar, Ignacio Rios, Bastian Bahamondes, Carlos Bonet, Natalie Epstein, Nicolas Aramayo, Martin Castillo, and Boris Epstein)
EC '19 [DOI]. Finalist in EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2019.

A Near Optimal Mechanism for Energy Aware Scheduling
(with Antonios Antoniadis)
SAGT '18. [DOI]

SUPERSET: A (Super)Natural Variant of the Card Game SET
(with Fábio Botler, Ruben Hoeksma, Kevin Schewior and Andreas Tönnis)
FUN '18. [DROPS]

Work in progress or under submission