I am committed to developing effective, engaging, and unorthodox pedagogical approaches to teaching political science, challenging students to consider the critical questions of American democracy. Sometimes this means pushing the limits of convention to motivate critical thinking. My best teaching moments are when I am getting arrested, starting a cult, sharing my love of cookies and hot sauce, or forcing students to participate in a space unicorn dance party under threat of their grade. 

I believe that every student has something to contribute to the class and I learn as much (or more) from them than they learn from me. My classes have produced a range of exciting, professional research. It is truly an honor and a privilege to create knowledge with them. I love my students.

My teaching experience includes courses at Monmouth College, Northwood Technical College, the University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University-South Bend. Syllabi from the most recent version of these courses can be found below, and I am happy to share any additional teaching materials.