I am a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol and a Principal Investigator on the AHRC Early Career Grant Human Computers as Instruments.  I have a strong interest in Public Policy and am currently completing an MSc in Public Policy at the University of Bristol. 

Previously, I held a Postdoctoral Research Assistant position at the Story Society at Bath Spa University and a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Edinburgh, working on the Perspectival Realism project. Prior to this postdoc, I held a full-time teaching job at the University of Bristol, whilst finalising my doctoral degree at the University of Edinburgh.

My work is principally in General Philosophy of Science and Integrated History and Philosophy of Science, with a particular focus on the methodology of science. In particular, I’m interested in scientific objectivity, scientific classifications, real patterns, scientific disagreements, and scientific instruments and experiments. My current focus is on the epistemology of human computers, as well as the ethical and political implications of the history of human computers, scientific authorship, epistemic in justice and appropriation, typecasting, intersectionality and feminist philosophy. 

My public policy interests are wide-ranging. I have experience in writing policy briefs and reports on eco-anxiety and global youth engagement in climate change, issues in secondary and higher education (e.g. teacher shortages crisis in the UK, the economics of school vouchers in Chile), indigenous water rights, missing migrant children in the UK, nuclear energy in Germany. I am particularly interested in water security, water management, and the economics of public services. I also have experience in policy analysis and thematic analysis and I have worked with the Bristol City Council on the Colston Survey