Large Kalancho with Golden SeduminNon-VintageLarge Glass Square Planter AS1008 - $30
Mini Needlepoint IvyinVintage Art Deco Planter(light pink with attached saucer) AQ1018- $37
Pixie Dixie Ivy & Design IvyinRare 1940's Planter embossed sleeping sombrero man and donkey] AQ1002- $32
Heart Shaped Ivy (Golden Pothos)in1940’s Cookson Pottery Aqua, footed rectangular planter “CP-18488 USA” AA1019 - $35
Needlepoint Ivy & Rainbow Elephant Bush inVintage (1940's) Pointer Hunting Dog “Stamped Japan” AV1029 - $38
Pointed SucculentsinUpCo USA Mid-Century Large Dark Green Planter with Rippled Edge “UpCo USA”
AX1032 - $38
Pan AminVintage McCoy Black Model-T Car Planter Unique! AA1081 - $34
Rainbow Elephant Bush, Jade Plant, Crassula Succulent & Golden Barrel Cactusin1940's Cookson Pottery, Art Deco Pussy Willow Design“CP-3006 USA” BA1001 - $33
Heart Shaped Ivy (Golden Pothos) inVintage Multi-Color Shell Planter BB1004 - $31
Mini Needlepoint Ivyin1950's McCoy Planter Two Footed, Arch Pattern BC1005 - $33
Begonia Vintage Baby Elephant PlanterFlowers and Green Stump“Japan?” BA1009 - $29
Adam Ivy & Polka Dot PlantinVintage Round Bown 5” Pot (decorative moss) AW1010 - $29
Adam Ivy & Polka Dot PlantinVintage Round Bown 6” Pot(decorative moss) AQ1010 - $31
Crown of ThornsinVintage Olive Green Pail with scrolling(burlap and plastic insert) AQ1014 - $36
Adam Ivy & Polka Dot PlantinMid Century Cookson Pottery Green Rectangular Planter “CP 2806 Made in USA” AA1025 - $36
Meridian SucculentinVintage Round Ivory Planter,Basketweave Pattern vA1013 - $30
Crassulain1940's Czech Fat Man Figurine Planter“Czech” CA1027 - $32
Galaxyin1950's McCoy Planter, Retro Swirl Design TA1003 - $36
China DollinLarge Vintage Basketweave Pitcher Planter with tan bamboo handle UU1080 - $37

Pink Earth StarinRoyal Doulton China Blacksmith Character Jug from Williamsburg 1962 Small size, D 6578“Royal Doulton” CK1044 - $32
Mint Kolibri IvyinVintage 4.5 inch Round Bisque Planter “Long Pottery” AT1041 - $30
Various Crassula SucculentsinVintage 6-inch Round Hanging Planter “Made in Japan” HP1042 - $28
Pointed succulentsinCookson Pottery Art Deco PlanterCream Color with four legs“CP -1446 USA” EE1034 - $32
Aloe VerainMid Century Haeger Jardinere Planter with Pedestal“Haeger USA” BG1038 - $32
PalmsinThree Attached Oblong and Round Vintage Planters - Rare“Japanese?” BG1050 - $39
Heart Shaped Ivy (Golden Pothos)in1950’s McCoy Mid-Century Turtle Planter “551 McCoy USA” AC1051 - $37
Mini Needlepoint IvyinVintage McCoy USA “Lady at Well” Planter - Green and Pink CA1035 - $32
BegoniainNon-VintageLarge Blue and Tan Patterned Planter with attached saucer BA1048 - $33
Flaming TorchInNon-VintageLarge Blue and White Patterned Planter FT1049 - $34
Calandiva (Flaming Katy)in1940's Hexagon Shaped PlanterGreen with Flowers “Made in Japan” LV1053 - $32
Mamey Croton (Cadioeum)inMcCoy Bright Yellow Vintage Planter, Scalloped Edge and Ridged Sides“McCoy USA 627 MCP” UP1054 - $27
Himalayan IvyinVintage Cowgirl Planter Blonde Hair & Black Pants (leaning on wall)“Japan or USA” FB1055 - $31
Two types of JadeinMid-Century Oval Bamboo Planter Yellow and Green BG1057 - $30
Mini Needlepoint IvyinVintage blue and white Sugar Bowl with painted hummingbird and yellow flower BG1070 - $25
CrassulasinVintage USA Scalloped Edge Planter with Ribbed Body Design “USA 907” BV1065 - $36
Himalayan IvyinVintage Brown & White Bunny Planter PE1082 - $34
Pan AminVintage Squirrel and Cornucopia Planter White Glossy Glaze“Haeger” CC1084 - $32
Pointed Aloe Succulent (Gasteria Minima)inVintage Rhinoceros Planter “K.S. 5/77” BG1085 - $31
Mini Needlepoint Ivy in Vintage Covered Wagon Planter
WW1026 - $28
Heart Shaped Ivy (Golden Pothos) inVintage USA Gold Ribbed Planter, Three Footed, with Skirt
AI1031 - $36
Cactus, Succulent and Crown of Thornsin“no markings: 2 footed McCoy?”
RP10XX- $29
Sage & Rainbow Elephant Bush inVintage Planter Japanese Geisha Girl with Basket
FG1078 - $38
Aloe VerainVintage Ivory Swan with Orange Bill BG1011 - $35
Mother of Thousands in Mid Century Dark Green Planter with Scrolled Feet - rare find
MT1046 - $33
Aloe Vera and Crassula Succulent in 1960's Planter with Lavender Flowers
DD1052 - $21
Aloe VerainVintage Ceramic Vase/Planter with Lion Head and Scrolling on sides BG1079 - $29
Asterisk Ivy inMid-Century McCoy PlanterDaschund Dresser Caddy
BG1007 - $31
Hen and Cactus StarinVintage African Elephant Planter(Four inch round hard plastic)“Enesco Made in Japan E8549” BG1036 - $30
Spiky SucculentinEmbossed Cave Planter - very unique - 1940's Made in Japan - Bluish Black“Made in Japan”
BG1045 - $32
Rabbits Foot FerninShawnee Vintage Figurine Planter"Tony the Peddler" “Shawnee USA 621” AA1063 - $37
Spiky SucculentinVintage Kettle Pot Planter White with two handles BG1022 - $26
Purple Passion, Crassula & CalendivainVintage Green Mid-Century Modern Pottery “275 PCO USA Planter, Roseville?” BG1037 - $36
Mini Needlepoint Ivyin1940's Clydesdale Trojan Horse Planter“Haeger” BG1028 - $37
Succulent Jade PlantsinVintage McCoy Planter Baby Koala Bear in Bamboo Tree BG1040 - $25