Call for Papers

Call for papers and talks

This workshop seeks to amalgamate insights from multi-agent systems, cooperative AI, economics, mechanism design, game theory, and, crucially, real-world financial markets expertise for algorithmic agents to better prepare us for the inevitable mass adoption of agentic AI on mission critical jobs. We ask: what kind of market structure will arise from the internet of agents future? What kind of market should we design to facilitate cooperation and prevent collusion? 

Our aim with this workshop is to solicit contributions from both academia and industry, focused on addressing fundamental, timely and important questions at the centre of agentic markets

We welcome 4-page submissions of technical, benchmark and opinion papers. Note that we do not accept submissions of commercial products already running in production.

Topics of particular interest

Agent Interaction and Security:

Computational Approaches:

Market Design and Real-world Agentic Systems:

Autonomous AI Agents and Complexity:

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies:

Novel Approaches and Frameworks:

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Perspectives:

Important Dates (all times are EoD AoE)

Submission instructions

Submission is anonymous to the public (you can submit a non-anonymous paper), once the paper has been accepted it and the authors will become public. Rejected papers and authors will not be released publicly.

Please register and submit on OpenReview portal. 

Submissions should be limited to 4 pages for the main content are encouraged to limit to 4 pages for the main content and unlimited pages for Appendix and References.

We encourage submissions to use the ICML'24 official template, but don't have to be. It will NOT be a criteria for judgement. If you have a paper in Arxiv format or published at ICLR’24 and you still want to present at the workshop, feel free to send!

We are also allowing for people to submit their ICML’24 manuscripts.

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This is not meant as an archival venue.
ICML workshops are non-archival meaning papers can be published elsewhere.

Accepted papers will be available on Open Review for reference but this is not archival.


Enquiries can be sent to the Organizing Committee at