Austin Muckenfuss

December 21st, 2000-November 6th, 2015

On November 6, 2015, Austin's life was cut short when he was killed crossing the street in Glassboro, NJ.

To say that he left an impact on this world would be an understatement. His outgoing personality combined with the most caring of hearts made him the most positive influential person you could ever meet.

His passion for sports was his way of coping with the struggles he faced personally with a reading disability. Through his hard work and dedication, Austin was able to overcome his disability. Understanding the importance of acceptance of his classmates and peers, Austin was always looking out for those less fortunate, so that they too could feel accepted. Austin was a kind, caring and out going young man, who always put others before himself. His perseverance and caring heart, both on and off the field, are the same qualities that we as a family strive for every day.

It is our goal to continue Austin's legacy through the Austin Muckenfuss Endowment Fund. This fund was designed to help high school students better themselves through a higher education, or even a trade school. It is also being designed to help those families who have children in need of tutoring and are unable to take advantage of the standard school programs. And finally, to help families who are suffering the most horrific loss to ever experience, the loss of a child.

As everyone is aware, we regretfully had to cancel this year's RunAmuck. In place of the event, we are holding an online Basket Raffle and selling Face Masks with Austin's Logo. Please refer to the separate tabs on this web page for details. The Pandemic will not stop the Scholarship Fund

Good Luck #2020seniors

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