Amsterdam Metaphysics Seminar

Welcome to the page of the Amsterdam Metaphysics Seminar. We are a small group of researchers at the University of Amsterdam, who meet regularly to discuss recent work on topics within metaphysics and adjacent areas. See the schedule below. If you want to join, or receive emails from the mailing list, please notify one of the organizers.

Organizers: Tom Schoonen (t.schoonen [at] & Martin Lipman (m.a.lipman [at]

All meetings will be held at the Faculteitskamer at the Oude Turfmarkt. Schedule (see also the calendar below):

  • Jan 31: Tom Schoonen - Beliefs and 'Believes'; the semantics and objects of belief
  • Feb 28: Richard Woodward [University of Hamburg] - 'The Cognitive Role of Fictionality'
  • Mar 28: Johannes Korbmacher [Utrecht University] - 'Tableaux for the Logic of Exact Entailment'
  • Apr 11: Nathan Wildman [Tilburg University] - 'Necessity by Accident'
  • Apr 25: Peter Hawke discusses: 'Modal Objectivity' by Justin Clarke-Doane
  • May 9: Ilaria Canavotto: WiP on Mereology
  • May 23: Giovanni Merlo [University of Stirling] - 'The Metaphysical Problem of Other Minds'
  • June 6: Katrin Schulz: 'Generics and Causality' [CHANGED LOCATION: OMHP C1.05]